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OVERVIEW – Baseus 3800 RPM Cordless Polisher

Hello everyone, AndroidMir is with you. I managed to get a whole set of useful things for the car from Baseus. Among you can see:

Baseus products

And I’ll review it all and show you how it works.

Baseus has already established itself in many categories of useful gadgets, including chargers, cables and various gadgets for mobile phones, and they also have a division for Automobiles and there are quite a few different useful gadgets. And most of them are now in my review.

Reviews on the compressor and Starter with charger you can already see on my Youtube channel or on the website.

And now I want to show you Baseus Cordless Polisher. The sale price will be minimal and will be $64.79 -$1 coupon and possibly an Aliexpress promotional code.

Packaging and delivery of New Power CORDLESS ELECTRIC POLISHER

Yes, it came in an unsightly box, especially in comparison with other devices from Baseus, but it completed its task, everything inside remained intact.

Baseus Cordless Polisher box

The package includes the polishing machine itself and another box in which were:

  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Instructions, papers and stickers
  • Three polishing tips

Baseus cordless polisher kit

Appearance and features

The Baseus polishing machine looks very elegant and unusual. The body is entirely made of matte black plastic. And although the handle does not look very comfortable and ergonomic, it is nevertheless quite comfortable to hold it, and the plastic does not slip in your hands.

Wireless polishing machine Baseus body black matte plastic

In general, this machine was created rather not for polishing as such, but rather for applying wax or oil to the surface, although in theory it can be polished.

Bottom you can see the electrical specifications, including the motor power of 30W, which is still not much, although it is enough for this purpose. At the top there are holes for blowing the engine and the Baseus logo.

Of the controls, only 1 button and 3 indicators indicating battery charge. With a short press we activate the indicators, and with a long press we turn on the rotation of the head with an eccentric mechanism, which means that its movements follow an oval trajectory, and not a circular one. The second press turns on the second speed – 3800 rpm, the first, by the way, is 3300 rpm.

Baseus wireless polisher revolutions in progress

I did not immediately notice the charging connector, it is located in a non-standard place, but nevertheless I found it and charged it. And the polisher itself can work up to 45 minutes on a single charge, so it should be enough for the whole machine at once.

Baseus Cordless Polisher Battery Charging Port

Complete nozzles are used for a full cycle of waxing a car body.

They are made of dense foam rubber or a very similar foam material, on one side a soft layer of fabric is glued to them for attaching to the Velcro on the head of the machine. They sit there very tightly, you need to get used to tearing it off with one hand, but this is only a plus. They will not fly off during operation.

Checking in action

Baseus cordless polisher manual

So let’s check our Baseus polisher in action. We look at the instructions:

  • First you need to apply wax and rub it on the surface
  • Put the waffle nozzle on the machine
  • Brush the wax in S-shape motions over the surface
  • Then put on the second nozzle and repeat the procedure
  • The last step is to put on a wool cap and wipe off the rest of the wax with it

Polish Baseus section

Well, here is a small area and ready. The big effect is not noticeable, but I did not use professional polishing pastes, but only ordinary protective wax.


Summarizing, I want to say that the Baseus polisher turned out to be surprisingly easy to learn. Despite the fact that I first picked up such a unit, the first time I managed not to spoil it, and this is already important. After half a minute, the hands got used to it, and then it was a matter of technology and materials.

Whether such a thing is needed in the household, certainly not for everyone. But if you like to take care of your car and you just like to keep it in its best shape, then this thing will be extremely useful. Moreover, on sale on 11.11 it will cost less than $65, while the regular price is $80.

Buy Baseus Cordless Polisher on Aliexpress

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