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Very compact Car Compressor Baseus Super Mini BS-CG003

Hello everyone, AndroidMir is with you and today we have a brand new car compressor from Baseus on review. This model has a very compact size, interesting design and wired connection. Let’s take a look at the Baseus Super Mini BS-CG003 and compare it with a conventional compressor and its battery counterpart from the same company.

As usual, Baseus does not fail with packaging. Everything is beautiful, designed in the same style of the company – a white box with a high-quality print and brief characteristics on the back.

It says here:

  • Baseus Super Mini compressor
  • Model: BS-CG003
  • Operating voltage: 12V
  • Pressure range: 0.2~150psi
  • Capacity: 30 l/min
  • Flashlight
  • Cable length: 3m
  • Hose length: 0.18 m



  • Baseus Super Mini compressor
  • Cloth pouch
  • A short hose with a quick-release mechanism, which I really missed in the Baseus battery compressor
  • Adapters for various connections: Ball needle, universal nozzle for mattresses, inflatable pools and more, as well as a nipple adapter.
  • and a cable for powering through the cigarette lighter from the on-board network of the car at 12V.


The compressor itself has very modest dimensions and can be safely held in one hand.

Weight is only 480 grams. The body is made of pretty good matte black plastic.

At the top there is a small display and 4 control buttons:

  • On/Off button
  • The M button switches the operation modes: car / bicycle / ball / manual mode. Long press for 2 seconds turns on the choice of units of measurement – BAR/PSI.
  • The ± buttons to set the pressure.

The display shows the set pressure (or if the compressor is connected to the wheel, the tire pressure), BAR/PSI units and operating mode.

At the ends there are connectors for connecting a hose and a power cable.

Also, a small flashlight was found near the hose connector, for working in the dark

I didn’t take it apart myself, but I found a photo of the disassembly on the Internet, which I share with you:

Compressor running

It’s time to talk about the most important thing, about how he pumps up the wheels. The compressor capacity is 30 l / min, which is quite a standard indicator for such devices.

Promotional materials say that in 25 minutes you can fully inflate all 4 tires of your car. Of course, both cars and wheels are different, but I think we are talking about the average size of 16” wheels.

4 tires

Well, let’s see how I can fully inflate my 14″ wheel, which is a fairly common size for passenger cars. The speed feels about the same as all compact compressors.

The noise level is very comparable to other small compressors.

It is convenient that the hose has a quick-release connector, so that pressure losses when connecting and disconnecting the compressor are minimal.


To sum up, I can say that the Baseus Super Mini is a good compact compressor that easily copes with its task. But its price is already comparable to its battery counterpart.

Here, of course, it is up to you to decide which of them will be more convenient in your situation.

You can buy the Baseus Super Mini compressor at Aliexpress Official Baseus Store.

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