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REVIEW – Redroad V17 Vacuum Cleaner – Less noise, more business

Redroad V17 wireless handheld vacuum cleaner announced this summer is now available on Aliexpress at a price of $ 266.66 or a little over 20 thousand rubles. Of the features of the vacuum cleaner, we can note the 9-stage Mantolo Easy Soft noise reduction system, as a result, we get one of the quietest solutions with a volume of up to 60 dB.

RedRoad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner

It also features multi-level particulate filtration, a high-tech motor, and a cool twin-roller turbo brush.

Let’s take a closer look at each point:

Double HEPA filtration

RedRoad V17 hepa cordless vacuum cleaner

Designed for people who are sensitive to air quality or odors, the second HEPA filter contains activated carbon to remove odor from the exhaust air.

redRoad V17 wireless vacuum cleaner filters

There are 2 different color HEPA filters installed in Redroad V17. They capture 99.97% of fine dust as small as 0.1 microns and release the cleanest air possible.

4x cleaning efficiency!

RedRoad V17 wireless vacuum cleaner specifications

Vacuum Options:

  • Suction power 155 AW
  • 450W motor
  • Vacuum power 26,500 Pa (better than any vacuum cleaner in the same price range).

The latest motorized two-roller brush is also designed to greatly improve cleaning. Thanks to two rollers, the vacuum cleaner sweeps and sucks up dirt and dust 2 times faster, which simply saves you time and the number of movements for cleaning.

RedRoad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner

And for the brush itself, there are 2 sets of rollers, soft for floors and harder for carpets, so it’s also versatile. The rollers themselves are easy to change and clean with a special comb.

A lot of handy attachments

In addition to the most powerful turbo brush, there are also many other useful attachments:

  • Second turbo brush for beds and other upholstered furniture with a soft roller to remove dust and mitesRedRoad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Nozzle for cleaning air conditioner, ventilation and radiator grilleswireless vacuum cleaner RedRoad V17
  • Wide Nozzle Dust Extractor
  • LED crevice nozzle for hard to reach placesredRoad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner
  • As well as a standard telescopic tube and two adapters to it with a bend and 360-degree rotation for convenient cleaning in any corner of your apartment

RedRoad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner set

As you can see, there are really almost all existing vacuum cleaner attachments that you can think of and most of them are really useful.

RedRoad V17 wireless vacuum cleaner dock

Of course, it’s hard to imagine a good cordless vacuum cleaner without a wall mount that can be recharged and stores all the attachments with easy access.

Why quiet? – 9-step noise reduction

RedRoad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner silence

  1. Brushless motor that reduces noise due to resistance
  2. Mantolo poly cotton with high-pitched sound absorption
  3. Optimized top outlet design to reduce air noise
  4. Magnetic levitation motor that reduces noise caused by resonance
  5. Optimized backflow channel to reduce high noise levels
  6. Seamless assembly to reduce noise caused by vibration
  7. Modification of the high-pitched engine sound wave so that it is outside the range of human hearing
  8. Dynamic Rotor Noise Reduction
  9. Annular outlet design

All of this design improvement makes the Redroad V17 really quieter than its counterparts. It is quite difficult to measure the noise level, but the manufacturer claims the volume is up to 60 dB.

Other features

In addition to all of the above, the Redroad V17 also has a small color display to indicate the operating mode, battery remaining, faults, and also reminders to clean or change filters.

redRoad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner screen

Also worth mentioning is the powerful 2500 mAh battery, which lasts up to 60 minutes in economy mode.

RedRoad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner battery


Comparing the features and prices of the Redroad V17 and other vacuum cleaners, the V17 has the most value.

RedRoad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner comparison

Created by a professional team, the new brand Redroad, it features fashion and elegant appearance, advanced technology, full set of attachments and smart features to protect your health.

The price of the vacuum cleaner Redroad V17 in the official Aliexpress store is $266.66, but thanks to promotions and promotional codes, you can lower it below 300 and this will be a great option for a convenient family vacuum cleaner

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