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Battery Compressor Baseus CRCQB02 – Home Pump

Hello everyone, AndroidMir is with you. I managed to get a whole set of useful things for the car from Baseus. Among them you can see:

Baseus products

And I’ll review it all and show you how it works.

Baseus has already established itself in many categories of useful gadgets, including chargers, cables and various gadgets for mobile phones, and they also have a division for Automobiles and there are quite a few different useful gadgets. And most of them are now in my review.

Well, today we’ll probably start with a wireless compressor. The model is called CRCQB02. On sale 11.11 it will be possible buy at the lowest price ~38$ (including store coupon) or even cheaper with promo codes.

It comes in such a small but rather heavy box with an image of the device itself and characteristics on the back side.

Baseus compressor box


  • Brand: BASEUS
  • Model Name: CRCQB02
  • Powered by battery
  • Maximum charging options: 5V/2.4A
  • Power: 54W
  • Charging time: 4-5 hours
  • Available pressure: 5-150 PSI
  • Battery capacity: 2400 mAh
  • Dimensions: 140*78*42 mm
  • Weight: 610 grams

Compressor Baseus specifications

As always, Baseus is simple and stylish.

The box contains:

  • Compressor
  • Type-C cable 50 cm long
  • Hose about 20 cm long
  • 3 nozzles/adapters
  • Instruction in English + waste paper + stickers

Baseus compressor kit

The pump itself – the compressor is visually very different from its wired counterparts. It is shaped more like a Power Bank.

Baseus compressor appearance

There are air holes on the side of the case, and the display and 5 control buttons are located on the front panel.

On one of the ends there is a connector for a hose and its attachment, a flashlight and a USB Type-C connector for charging the compressor itself.

Baseus compressor end with connectors

The total weight is a little short of 600 grams, which is very little, given the usefulness of the device.

Let’s turn on the compressor by pressing the center OK button. By pressing the M button, you can select the set pressure for pumping, whether it be a car wheel, motorcycle, bicycle or a regular ball. But in addition to the built-in programs, you can also select the pressure manually, and in different units of measurement, which is very convenient.

Baseus compressor units bar kpa psi

To do this, hold down the M button and select the desired unit of measure:

  • PSI
  • BAR
  • KPA
  • Kg/cm*2.

Using arrows you can select the required pressure.

Slightly below there is a separate flashlight button. It also has 3 operating modes: steady light, flashing, SOS. It does not shine very brightly and not far away and is needed rather in order to use it in the dark.

Compressor Baseus flashlight

The connected hose is very conveniently hidden in a special niche and looks almost like a padlock, very fancy.

Baseus compressor as a padlock

Well, it’s time to check out the Baseus compressor in operation. I see the main use of such a device at home, because a car compressor at home cannot be connected to 12V without a separate battery or power supply, and it may be necessary to pump up or inflate a mattress with a pillow for the same bike, not to mention balls or balls.

So first I’ll pump up my volleyball on the spot, so to speak.

Baseus compressor pump up the ball

When you connect the hose, the display shows the current pressure, and quite accurately.

The noise of the compressor is certainly not weak, but it cannot be said that it is surprising, even quieter than a conventional compressor. Quite normal, especially when used outdoors.

One of the tubes on my bike loses pressure pretty quickly and I need to pump it up regularly with a small pump, which takes quite a lot of time and effort, but now I can rest.

Compressor Baseus pumped up a bicycle wheel tube 60 psi

The hose is connected by the usual screwing on the nipple, not the fastest way, but reliable, and you only need to do a few full turns.

According to the manufacturer, the main purpose of this compressor is to pump up car wheels, so I just can’t help but show you this process.

Baseus compressor inflating car wheels

A standard car tire inflates at about 1 atmosphere in 3.5-4 minutes, so you can easily estimate the total time for your pressure.

But keep in mind that the device does not have active cooling and needs a break in use every 10 minutes of operation, which is more than enough to pump up your wheel.

A fully charged 2400 mAh battery should last for 30-40 minutes of compressor operation or about 10 atmospheres. The battery can be fully charged in approximately 4.5 hours.


In general, the Baseus Compressor is a very useful device at home, compact, convenient and even very stylish. But for use in a car, this is a bit of a controversial solution, although, for example, if you need to pump up a tire in the garage (and this situation happens to me quite often), then this is the best solution so as not to breathe carbon monoxide from a running car.

Compressor Baseus dimensions

And given the great price on the 11.11 sale, I definitely advise you to buy this Compressor from Baseus.

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