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Rogbid Rowatch 2 Review – Beautiful and Functional! [VIDEO]

Today we have another Rogbid Rowatch 2 smart watch on review with a price of about $30. There are already several reviews of Rogbid watches on our channel – GT and GT 2. And now we have a model from another line – Rowatch.

Rogbid Rowatch 2 came to us in a small flat box with a picture of a smart watch and a list of characteristics.

Rogbid Rowatch 2 smart watch box

In the box itself, the following elements are neatly arranged:

  • Instructions with color illustrations in different languages, including Russian
  • Magnetic charging cable, pretty powerful magnet
  • Smart watch Rogbid Rowatch 2

Quite an interesting layout, but a convenient compact box.

The watch itself has a chrome-plated case on the sides, but a black version is also available for sale. And the straps themselves can be black, gray, pink, blue and green, but you can also find a third-party 25 mm wide.

Rogbid Rowatch 2 smartwatch strap width 25mm

The strap is removed quite easily, for this there is a special spring-loaded latch with a lock.

Rogbid Rowatch 2 smart watch strap installation

The strap itself is well made of soft gray silicone. The metal clasp is engraved with Rogbid branding. The most standard smart watch in terms of convenience and materials, but quite pleasant.

Rogbid Rowatch 2 smart watch lock engraving

Rogbid Rowatch 2 received a large 1.69” touchscreen display with a resolution of 240×280 pixels with good brightness, which, by the way, can be adjusted.

Rogbid Rowatch 2 smart watch display ips

During the time of use without protective films, not a single scratch appeared on the glass, which means that the glass is installed quite durable. But the whole body is glossy and well collects fingerprints and various dust. Sometimes you will need to wipe with a dry cloth.

Rogbid Rowatch 2 smart watch housing chrome metal aluminum

In terms of functionality, everything is very standard in this price range, but at the same time it is not even weak.

Rogbid Rowatch 2 smart watch sensor

Rogbid Rowatch 2 has heart rate, pressure, oxygen sensors and, of course, a pedometer with sports modes.

In addition, the watch has:

  • StopwatchRogbid Rowatch 2 smart watch stopwatch
  • Music controlRogbid Rowatch 2 smart watch music player control
  • Camera control Rogbid Rowatch 2 smart watch camera control
  • WeatherRogbid Rowatch 2 smart watch weather
  • Sleep monitoring

In the menu on the watch there is an item “App” – in it you can download the HeroBand III application using a QR code. Pretty mediocre app with poor translation, but I’ve seen worse. Visually, by the way, it looks quite modern and neat. With this moment, all the Chinese sin and do not try to make a really completed application. Working? – Oh, okay!

Rogbid Rowatch 2 smart watch app

Although the only thing missing for me was the normal setup of incoming notifications. You can set up only some instant messengers, but not all of them that are popular with us. Therefore, the rest will come all in a row, but these are already nit-picking.

Rogbid Rowatch 2 smart watch message notifications

After connecting to the smartphone, the watch immediately switched to Russian. There is also a good selection of third-party watch faces available, with the ability to create your own.

Rogbid Rowatch 2 smart watch dials

It’s also worth noting that the Rogbid Rowatch 2 is IP67 water and dust resistant, so you can wash your hands without taking your watch off.

A 200 mAh battery should last more than 7 days of active use.

Rogbid Rowatch 2 smart watch battery magnetic charging

In general, Rogbid Rowatch 2 is a good smartwatch in the ~30$ price segment and I can fully recommend them to those who like them visually. I think that this is the main parameter when choosing such a device, and in terms of functionality, they will not disappoint you.

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