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Rogbid GT – a review of classic smart watches for $20

Rogbid is something new to our ears, but this company produces about a dozen smartwatch models a year and cooperates with other large companies such as Xiaomi / Umidigi / Blackview / Elephone and others, producing watches for them on their own factory (although which models are not mentioned).

Rogbid GT is available in 4 color combinations, black or silver case and black or brown strap. Now the watch can be purchased at a promotional price of $ 20, and with a $ 1 seller’s coupon in general for 19 or less. A very relevant price for such a device, we’ll talk about it.

The watch came in a rather big black box with a single Rogbid inscription.

Inside the box:

  • The watch itself is on a foam pad
  • Manual in different languages
  • Separate box with magnetic charging cable

Let’s start with the look of the Rogbid GT. This is a classic large wrist watch with a 1.3” round touchscreen display with a resolution of 240×240 pixels in a large frame and only one side button to wake up and turn off. A scratch-resistant tempered glass is installed on top (during the test, it showed itself as such).

The watch itself has a diameter of 47 mm, but at the same time, even on my small hand it looks nice. Thickness – 13 mm.

The case is made of zinc alloy, and the lower part adjacent to the hand is made of plastic with IP67 water protection.

The strap is very interesting, it looks like leather, but only on the top, and the bottom is more like rubber. This is a much more practical solution in terms of durability and looks, but I’m more used to silicone or metal straps.

It is very easy to change the strap by lightly pressing the special lever.

Rogbid GT detachable strap mm

I also want to note the presence of two clamps for the strap, it is very convenient, I want to say, the strap does not hang out, although I wear it longer.

On the back of the watch there are several sensors and a connector for connecting magnetic charging. By the way, the watch charges very quickly, I charged in less than an hour.

So, in order to start fully using the watch, you need to connect it to your smartphone using the H Band application, you can download it by scanning the QR code from the instructions (If you do not know how to scan QR Codes, then we have video instruction on this topic).

installing the H Band app for Rogbid GT

When connecting, we immediately set up our physiological parameters and be sure to turn on GPS and Bluetooth. Immediately after pairing, the watch switched to Russian and set the correct time – you can already use it.

Swipe up and down to change watch faces from classic to modern, but all have a place to track activity. And swipes left and right will take you to the sports, sleep and general menu screens.

The menu has the following functions:

  • Sport – 10 modes
  • Find my phone is a useful feature
  • Measure heart rate before shutdownRogbid GT watch features
  • Measure Blood Pressure (BP)
  • Stopwatchstopwatch on smart watch Rogbid GT
  • Timer
  • Phone messages
  • Women’s calendar (not available for me, for obvious reasons)
  • Music
  • Settings
  1. Notifications (Which to enable and disable)Rogbid GT watch feature notifications
  2. Adjusting the brightness of the clock screen (5 gradations, quite enough)
  3. Setting the auto-lock timer
  4. And the “Units of measurement” setting, although there are just additional switches for sensors

The application is pretty standard, it has graphs for tracking heart rate, pressure, steps taken and sleep quality, and you can also immediately measure heart rate and pressure. Most of the functions and settings are also duplicated, except for the “Take a photo” function, where you can take a picture with the smartphone’s camera remotely by pressing the button.

I told you everything about the functions, now about the most important thing, about how it all works. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the medical measurements of such watches, but in general the picture can be tracked during exercise. All notifications from a smartphone are sent obediently, given that you can set up notifications from any application on your smartphone. I also liked the presence of such not strangely “exotic” functions as a timer and a stopwatch.

You can control the music, play, pause, and switch tracks, but you can’t change the volume.

music control on smart watch Rogbid GT

Watch batteries should last at least a week.

You can probably talk a lot more about functions, features, but I don’t want to drag out the review too much, so I’ll summarize and tell my opinion after several days of use and tests.

Rogbid GT Smart Watch

Rogbid GT is an excellent smart watch for a man’s hand, beautiful, weighty and very fancy in terms of functionality.

What I liked:

  • Design and materials
  • Display
  • Having all the necessary functions


  • You can’t fix your favorite watch face or add a new one, you can accidentally switch it at any time

Of course, it’s up to you to decide, but for its price below $20 on Aliexpress it’s hard to find something better and more beautiful. You can buy Rogbid GT watches at Official Rogbid store on Aliexpress.

Well, I will continue to look for the ideal budget smart watch for myself, these are still too big for me. And what kind of watch do you like, neat and small or healthy “cauldrons” for the whole hand?

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