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Rogbid GT 2 Review – Inexpensive Analogue of Huawei Watch GT 2

The Rogbid GT 2 smartwatch is a brand new model from the company, which you can buy at Official Rogbid store on Aliexpress for only $29.99 + $2 coupon still available.

The Rogbid GT 2 came in a black box with Rogbid written on it with no other signatures, but the box is pretty solid and will be able to withstand a lot when shipped. There is nothing unusual in the kit, instructions, papers and a magnetic cable for charging.

Rogbid GT 2 smart watch equipment magnetic charging

Almost all smartwatches in the $20-$50 price range have similar functionality and hardware capabilities, differing only in appearance, dimensions and price. Rogbid GT 2 looks very good against the competition, thanks to its nice design with a round shape and small dimensions.

Rogbid GT 2 smart watch design view on hand

Personally, I really like soft silicone straps, here is just such a one with a classic lock and two convenient limiters. It is also very important that when ordering, you can choose one of several types of strap and 2 colors of the watch itself. I liked this combination the most and the watch looks just great in real life.

Rogbid GT 2 smart watch with phone

All Rogbid smartwatches are IP68 water and dust resistant, the GT 2 is no exception, which means you can not be afraid to wash your hands with them , wet or even drop them in water.

The 1.3” TFT touch screen with a resolution of 240×240 pixels and good brightness looks great and, thanks to the correct round shape, very large and colorful icons fit there.

Rogbid GT 2 smart watch dials

You can choose from 5 pre-installed watch faces or create your own by uploading any picture to your watch and it will look decent.

Rogbid GT 2 smart watch custom watch face

In the instructions there is a QR code that will help you install an application to synchronize your watch with a smartphone via Bluetooth. Don’t forget to give the app all the permissions you need and enable GPS to connect your watch to your phone properly.

Rogbid GT 2 smart watch settings

The application has a bunch of settings:

  • Heart rate monitoring settings
  • Call notifications
  • SMS Alerts
  • App notifications, you can select absolutely any application on your smartphone and turn on notifications for it
  • Rest – idle notifications to keep you busy
  • Alarm clock – handy if you sleep in or near the clock
  • Turn on the screen
  • Do not disturb mode to not disturb notifications at night

There is also an item – Updates, but they are unlikely to come.

Rogbid GT 2 smart watch firmware update

In general settings, there is a function of the shutter button from the watch, search for a bracelet, screen time and time format, units of measure and smart watch interface language. But, for example, by choosing Russian, you will still see the weather, the names of the days of the week and information about the distance traveled in English. In fact, this is not critical at all, especially if you understand these words at least a little, and everything else is really now in Russian, although the font is far from ideal.

By useful functions in Rogbid GT 2, the following can be distinguished:

  • PedometerRogbid GT 2 smart watch pedometer
  • Heart rate monitorRogbid GT 2 smart watch heart rate monitor
  • Pulse oximeter
  • TonometerRogbid GT 2 smart watch blood pressure monitor
  • Activity counter for workouts
  • Weather
  • Stopwatch
  • Find phone

A very decent set of features, absolutely all of which work and are applicable in daily needs. At the same time, the heart rate monitor can work constantly and build a graph of your heart rate. Although, it is worth noting that the tonometer and pulse oximeter have a possible error and you should not rely on their data for people with health problems.

A few words about autonomy – it is very decent here, for a couple of days of very active use with frequent measurements of heart rate and pressure + a lot of active screen time, I spent about 20% of the charge. Simple arithmetic will help you calculate the approximate battery life – 10 days in active mode or 30+ days in watch mode on a single charge.

Rogbid GT 2 smart watch battery autonomy

Thus, Rogbid GT 2 is a very worthy choice of inexpensive smartwatches from Aliexpress, because for less than $30 you will get a stylish, comfortable and functional smartwatch with a slope for fitness and moisture protection.

Rogbid GT 2 smart watch screen

I can advise you to buy Rogbid GT 2 on Aliexpress if you were looking for this kind of smart watch and you liked its appearance . You may also be interested in the previous version of Rogbid GT, but it is not worse at all, it just has a slightly more classic design and a leather strap.

You can also visit the official community Rogbid on Facebook.

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