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ROIDMI EVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner – He does everything himself!

In an industry of constant innovation, can ROIDMI EVA set a higher bar for robot vacuum cleaners?

In a very competitive market dominated by giants like iRobot and Roborock, can ROIDMI EVA, the flagship robot vacuum cleaner from ROIDMI, start the era of “hard cleaning” with its innovative features? Each update of robot vacuum cleaners brings our lives one step closer to “freeing your hands” and creating a cleaner and healthier living environment. ROIDMI recently released ROIDMI EVA, the world’s first self-cleaning robot vacuum and mop that automatically cleans washcloths , which was another industry innovation after ROIDMI EVE Plus.

ROIDMI EVA cleans better and deeper than conventional cleaners on the market. With its release, people no longer only think of iRobot and Roborock when they talk about robotic vacuum cleaners. With the outstanding performance of EVE plus and the newly launched EVA, ROIDMI has become the first brand to enter the minds of young people as an “innovative professional” brand when they have to tackle the tasks of cleaning the house.


Most people are familiar with the robot vacuum cleaner. It is currently one of the most common smart devices in many households. By planning a path, avoiding obstacles and collecting debris, the robot vacuum cleaner has become an indispensable assistant in the household. Like many other techniques, it has a long history. Each generation was one step closer to a “real machine”.

The first household robotic vacuum cleaner was the Roomba Discovery, manufactured by the American company iRobot in 2002. Later, iRobot developed several Roomba models and became a leader in the robot vacuum cleaner industry. After decades of development, the self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner has won the recognition of users all over the world. And the industry is officially entering the hands-free era. Along the way, many other innovation leaders emerged, such as Roborock and ROIDMI. Roborock S7 and ROIDMI EVE Plus are efficient at cleaning and are among the best in the industry. And ROIDMI EVE Plus has become world famous for its automatic dirt removal and dust bag sterilization features.


And now ROIDMI has made more innovation and released the world’s first self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner that can wash its own rag: ROIDMI EVA. In addition to the dirt removal feature in ROIDMI EVE Plus, it takes a revolutionary step forward in the mopping module. This is a versatile 5-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner that can wash the mop cloth, dry it, dispose of dirt, sterilize bacteria and mold, and vacuum and mop. ROIDMI EVA is known as a full featured household cleaning appliance.

ROIDMI EVA vacuum cleaner

Automatic Mop Washing and Drying: While cleaning ROIDMI EVA, the robot returns to the base from time to time to wash dirty rags . The base has two 4-liter tanks: one for water, the other for waste. The mop pads are wetted with clean water from the water tank, rotate at high speed, and rub against the bottom tray to squeeze out the dirty water that enters the waste tank. The robot then continues where it left off. The user does not need to detach and wash the mop by hand. To prevent mold on wet mop pads, the ROIDMI EVA base provides a turbo fan to dry them after cleaning the whole house.

Auto Dirt Removal: The automatic dirt removal feature in ROIDMI EVE Plus continues in ROIDMI EVA. The waste in the robot’s dust box will automatically be sucked into the supplied 3 liter antibacterial dust bag. Large capacity allows you to take out the garbage every 60 days.

bank tank ROIDMI EVA

Vacuum and mop, antibacterial and mold protection: ROIDMI EVA can vacuum and mop at the same time, or only vacuum or mop separately. Regarding dry cleaning, ROIDMI EVA has 4 suction powers, the highest of which is 3200Pa. During mopping, the two 4-inch HL W-shaped antibacterial nozzles in the rear rotate at 180 rpm and mop the floor with a force of 12 N, simulating manual mopping. Anti-mold floor pads are another family health benefit.


ROIDMI was the first to make robotic vacuum cleaners technologically feasible for mopping. Thus, ROIDMI EVA became the world’s first robot vacuum cleaner that could automatically clean washcloths. ROIDMI, like iRobot and Roborock, has driven industrial progress through innovation. In addition, thanks to its innovative capabilities, ROIDMI EVA has raised almost $1 million on Indiegogo, achieving a result that exceeded all expectations.

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