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Baseus Power Bank Adaman for 20000 mAh and Charging for 20 W

Hello everyone, AndroidMir is with you and today we have 2 interesting and very popular products from Baseus on review – a charger and a 20000 mAh Power Bank, both with Quick Charge. Let’s get started.

I think the Baseus brand has long been known to many, they make quite a lot of small auxiliary equipment for smartphones and computers, in addition, they also have a separate line for auto accessories. But today we will look at helpers for our gadgets, namely devices for charging them.

Overview of Baseus Power Bank Adaman and Charger Box

I think the first thing to pay attention to is the 20W Baseus charger. This power is enough for most smartphones, although some can charge faster by consuming up to 100 W, but for them there are special devices based on GaN, which I already reviewed quite recently, by the way, also from Baseus.

Obzor-Baseus charger 20 w box

In the box, in addition to the memory itself and a couple of unnecessary pieces of paper, I managed to find only a sticker with stickers. The charger itself has a fairly compact size, but it is quite weighty.

Overview Baseus charger compact weighty

The Euro plug is slightly curved for better retention in various sockets. All supported voltages and currents for each of the two ports are indicated on the case.

Obzor Baseus euro fork

At the end we can see 2 USB ports, one Type-C, and the second Type-A.

Each one can deliver up to 20 W of power, but if you connect them together, the total power will drop to 15 W, and the voltage will be available only 5 V. So you can charge two devices at once, but for maximum speed it is better to use the connector USB Type-C.

2 baseus 20W

During operation, the charger heats up moderately and, most importantly, it works silently.

And now let’s pay attention to the Power Bank – Baseus Adaman.

Review Baseus Power Bank Adaman 20000 mAh 22.5 W

Its declared capacity is 20000 mAh, and the nominal capacity is 12000 mAh, which makes it possible to charge almost any smartphone 3 times, some with a huge battery – 2, but this is if you charge from 0%. Which is a very good indicator, given the small dimensions of the device. The weight of the power bank was 410 grams.

But how is this power bank different from hundreds of other exactly the same devices? There are indeed differences here:

  • 22.5W maximum charging power supporting most 9V and 12V fast charging protocolsbaseus Adaman power bank ports
  • The case is made of metal – anodized aluminum. Looks really cool and expensive, but it’s worth it Review Baseus Power Bank Adaman anodized aluminum
  • There is a multifunctional display on the case showing the% remaining charge, voltage and currentOverview Baseus Power Bank Adaman display

In total, there are 5 USB ports on the end of the power bank, you can use any of the 3 USB Type-C, MicroUSB and Lightning to charge from any charger, and there are 2 red USB Type-A to charge your smartphones or other gadgets , well, the same Type-C can be used in 2 directions.

Obzor-Baseus Power Bank Adaman ports

Each port individually can deliver up to 18W of power, and the coveted 22.5W can only be obtained on Huawei devices with their proprietary SCP protocol. But 18 watts is enough for me. And when working together, all ports operate in 5V mode and a maximum total power of 15W.

Overview Baseus Power Bank Adaman charging power

In addition, the Type C connector also supports PD 3.0 and QC 4.0 protocols. As usual, Type-C works with advantages, it’s time to get Type-C cables on both sides.

Obzor-Baseus Power Bank Adaman simultaneous charging

The device can charge itself and charge others at the same time, but with a voltage drop to the standard 5 V.

As a result, I can say that Baseus only makes me happy, they produce thoughtful and stylish devices with honest performance at a very reasonable price. In this segment, I think this is one of the best options to buy. And so they have a lot more in their assortment, you can dig in, take a look at their official store on Aliexpress.

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