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Ideapro i8 review – Smart watch with blood pressure monitor

Today we have an Ideapro i8 smart watch with a price of about $30 on our review. Ideapro is a new smart watch brand for us, which now has 3 watch models.

Ideapro i8 came to us in a small flat box with a picture of a smart watch and a list of equipment, namely:

  • Smart watch Ideapro i8 IdeaPro i8 smart watch equipment watch
  • Silicone braceletIdeaPro i8 smart watch equipment strap
  • Magnetic charging cableIdeaPro i8 smart watch equipment magnetic cable
  • InstructionIdeaPro i8 smart watch instruction

A standard set, but to save space, the manufacturer put the detachable parts of the strap separately. They are fairly easy to install, but take some getting used to.

IdeaPro i8 smart watch ease of dressing

The strap itself is made of very nice and soft black silicone. The metal clasp is also very smooth and does not irritate the skin in any way while wearing. Although the strap mechanism itself is not the most convenient for dressing. The strap rubs quite strongly against the skin and it is impossible to quickly put it in the right place, but maybe it’s just me. I did not feel any discomfort while wearing it.

IdeaPro i8 smart watch soft silicone strap

Ideapro i8 is made in a very popular design, you know what it looks like … And it’s pretty good. They look very cool with the display turned off and on, and by the way, it has a size of 1.7” and a resolution of 240×280 pixels and is fully touch-enabled.

IdeaPro i8 smart watch design iwatch

There are no questions about the screen, bright, clear and saturated, this is exactly the display that should be in any smart watch in 2021.

The functionality is also quite decent by modern standards, there are standard sensors for heart rate, pressure, oxygen and, of course, a pedometer with sports modes.

In addition, the watch has:

  • StopwatchIdeaPro i8 smart watch stopwatch
  • CalculatorIdeaPro i8 smart watch calculator
  • Music controlIdeaPro i8 smart watch music player control
  • Camera control
  • WeatherIdeaPro i8 smart watch weather
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Game ModeIdeaPro i8 smart watch game game mode

When first launched or by clicking on the corresponding icon, the smart watch shows a QR code to download an application called Qwatch to your smartphone. The application received a very extensive functionality and settings, despite the weak literal translation.

IdeaPro i8 smart watch app

After connecting to the smartphone, the watch immediately switched to Russian and a firmware update arrived. There is also a good selection of third-party watch faces available, but unfortunately you can’t create your own.

You can quite easily set up receiving notifications from any application to your watch and at the same time they do not buzz like crazy, but just lightly and quite pleasantly vibrate, I really liked it.

IdeaPro i8 smart watch tonometer blood pressure

It’s also worth noting that the Ideapro i8 is IP67 water and dust resistant, so you can wash your hands without removing your watch.

The 230 mAh batteries should last more than 10 days of active use.

To sum up, the Ideapro i8 turned out to be a pretty cool smartwatch with a full range of useful features, a beautiful design and a comfortable strap.

IdeaPro i8 smart watch beautiful

I can totally recommend Ideapro i8 to buy on Aliexpress.

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