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Doogee S59 Pro review – The best rugged smartphone for $170

Hello everyone, today we have a super tenacious smartphone on our review – Doogee S59 Pro.

The first thing that catches your eye is the top packaging at the Xiaomi level from $300, although the price is Aliexpress for Doogee S59 Pro is now at $140-170. Very nice laconic white design and thick durable cardboard. Inside the box, everything is also very cool, a rich package with everything you need:

  • The Doogee S59 Pro smartphone itself
  • Protective film for the screen and camera + one film already pasted on the screen
  • Short leashDoogee S59 Pro lanyard
  • Special plastic stick for opening plugs if nails are already trimmedDoogee S59 Pro opener
  • Paperwork – Instructions and warranty cardDoogee S59 Pro instruction
  • Fast charging charger Doogee S59 Pro Fast Charger
  • USB Type-C cable

On the one hand, the stuffing of the smartphone does not stand out in any way. Pretty simple processor Helio P22, but it is enough for everyday tasks, smooth interface and responsiveness.

Doogee S59 Pro ROM 128GB memory stuffing

But the memory set is already more worthy – 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage + the ability to install a MicroSD memory card. Of course, you can play any games on it, thanks to the PowerVR GE8320 video processor.

Doogee S59 Pro - Mobile legends game gameplay

But don’t expect this to be a gaming smartphone, after all, it is designed for something else.

Doogee S59 Pro how it sits in the hand

And it is designed for the toughest and not the most accurate use, for example, in a working environment, such as a construction site, a factory or a service station. No dirt, dust and water for him. All the coolest protection standards that a phone can have are IP68, IP69K, military standard MIL-STD-810G. So it passed the test of fire, water and blows with copper pipes.

Doogee S59 Pro connector covers

And indeed, the Doogee S59 Pro looks very powerful and protected from everything that is possible. All connectors and slots are protected by good caps, the frame around the screen is really thick and this is a serious factor in protecting the screen from drops. And the whole body is made of different types of plastic and metal, for maximum strength and reliability.

Doogee S59 Pro rugged phone security

The screen is 5.71″ HD+ resolution and is protected by tempered Corning Gorilla Glass. Colors and viewing angles are not perfect, but nothing criminal, looks good.

Doogee S59 Pro HD+ Screen

But the speakers were powerful, like for a smartphone – 2 W, so that in any conditions you do not miss an important call or can listen to music without additional speakers. You can evaluate the quality yourself in our video review at the top of the page.

Doogee S59 Pro sound and powerful 2W speakers

We should also mention the gigantic battery capacity of 10050 mAh and the associated case thickness – more than 1 cm.

Doogee S59 Pro body thickness

It feels in the hands that they didn’t save on the battery, the weight is felt and I immediately want to add one more function to the smartphone – a hammer, of course I wouldn’t hammer nails with it, but it won’t seem enough to your offender. But seriously, the battery will last you 2 times longer than on most other smartphones. On average, 3-4 days, or even more. And inactive users can take up to 10 days.

We didn’t forget to install a normal camera with a large number of modules. The main 16 MP camera with a matrix from Samsung produces quite good and detailed photos in the daytime, but as for me a little pale, but saturation can be easily added in the editor.

Doogee S59 Pro - camera 16 MP Samsung matrix

An 8 MP wide-angle camera can also be very useful, it has strong distortion at the corners of the frame like on action cameras, but it captures a very wide angle.

The macro lens is also 8 MP with autofocus, the only good thing is that you can focus much closer than the main camera.

The front camera, like the main one, has a resolution of 16 MP and can take very decent photos.

Photo + HDR

Phew, did you think everything? And there is more to tell. Naturally, all necessary networks are supported:

  • 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • NFC
  • GPS
  • All necessary 3G and 4G mobile frequencies

Doogee S59 Pro lies well in the hand, but this is when you get used to it, but at first it seems very huge and to get used to it you need not the smallest hand and, preferably, long fingers.

Doogee S59 Pro side scanner

Convenience gives a properly located side fingerprint scanner. On the other hand, there is an additional button that can be configured in the settings.
By the way, the system is almost pure Android 10 with minor cosmetic changes. There is just a mode where it is difficult to make a mistake and click something wrong.

Doogee S59 Pro simple granny mode

We also added the ability to control gestures, and very different ones, here you can touch the scanner, and swipe on the screen off and gestures with three fingers, in general, we tried, test!

Doogee S59 Pro button and gestures

To help tourists or builders, a useful set of programs for determining sizes, distances and angles is installed, which sooner or later can be very useful.

Doogee S59 Pro useful tools

Describing all the features and functions of the Doogee S59 Pro, it may seem that there is nothing to scold him for. But, subjectively, it is. For such money, there are simply no alternatives among secure smartphones, at least at the beginning of 2021.

For me personally, the most controversial point is the dimensions, such a smartphone can no longer be easily put into a jeans or pants pocket, you have to put it in your jacket or bag pocket, or even hang your neck or arm.

And in terms of other parameters and sensations – a very suitable smartphone that will definitely find its buyer. You can buy Doogee S59 Pro in Doogee official store at Aliexpress.

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