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Review of BQ 2824 Tank T with thermometer [VIDEO]

Today we have a push-button phone on review, but with a full gentleman’s set of functions and not only. Meet the BQ Tank T.

Despite the fact that touchscreen smartphones have already conquered the market, conventional push-button phones are still quite relevant, especially due to their price and convenience. But the hero of our review has another distinctive feature – an infrared thermometer.

Obzor-BQ Tank T

But let’s go in order. BQ Tank T came to us in a small white box with a tank and model name. The main characteristics are indicated on the back side.

Overview of BQ Tank T characteristics and price

Included with the phone you can also find:

  • Removable 1800 mAh battery
  • 5V 500mA MicroUSB charger
  • As well as instruction manual
  • And of course the warranty card

Obzor BQ Tank T equipment

The BQ Tank T looks like a real tank, massive and noble, although it does not weigh much, only 135 grams.

Obzor-BQ Tank T materials and body

The whole body is made of black plastic with a nice texture. The size of the BQ Tank T is not at all small, but after all smartphones, even a large phone seems like a baby and fits very comfortably in the hand. On the back cover is a small camera and the main speaker. And under the cover there is a place for two SIM cards of the usual size, also for a memory card up to 32 GB.

BQ Tank T overview under cover

But despite the grandiose appearance, unfortunately, the phone has not received any protective features, so you should use it quite carefully. Although, given that it does not have a huge touch screen, there is nothing special to break there, and the grip is excellent.

Obzor-BQ Tank T screen display diagonal

Despite this, the screen of the BQ Tank T is quite large, as for a regular phone – 2.8” with a resolution of 240×320 pixels. It seems to be small numbers, but the image looks quite good, using such a screen is quite comfortable.

The buttons are large with a glossy surface, they are pressed very clearly with a slight click, a long-forgotten feeling.

Obzor BQ Tank T large glossy buttons

Let’s go over the main functions that the phone provides us with. There are only 9 main items on the menu, among which there are 3 paid ones:

  • Fanbox, but it doesn’t work with MTS
  • Games – you can try to play 5 times for free in 8 different toys and buy the one you like
  • And also Laugh

Overview of BQ Tank T game on phone

And all the other 6 points are already more useful and absolutely free:

  • Settings contains all standard phone settings
  • The organizer is also standard except for the first item – Thermometer. Obzor BQ Tank T organizerLet’s check how it works and how accurately it shows body temperature, because now it’s quite important to have a thermometer on hand. It turned out that the accuracy of the built-in thermometer with the head is enough to know your body temperature or those around you Obzor BQ Tank T thermometer IR built-in infrared. The measurement is quick and very convenient – just point the sensor at the skin and in a couple of seconds you will see the result on the screen. A very handy and useful feature.Obzor-BQ Tank T Flashlight I also want to mention a very useful flashlight, it is very bright here, it is very noticeable even in bright light.
  • Multimedia allows you to watch videos, listen to music and view photos right on your phone
  • The rest of Phone, SMS and Camera are obviousObzor BQ Tank T camera

But let’s test the camera on this phone. Of course, there is no focus here, the image size is quite small, but you can take a picture of something, see for yourself.

Obzor-BQ Tank T camera result

Another important criterion in choosing a phone is its autonomy, there is a complete order with this. The 1800 mAh battery is huge for a normal phone, so it should last about a week.

Overview BQ Tank T large battery 1800 mAh

Considering all of the above, a good push-button phone appears that has everything you need, and in addition a very useful IR thermometer, which can be very relevant in the realities of 2021. If you are looking for a feature phone, then BQ Tank T can be an excellent choice for only 2790 rubles.

You can buy BQ Tank T at official BQ store for only 2790 rubles.

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