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Review of the smartphone INOI 5 2021 for 4990 rubles [VIDEO]

Hello everyone, AndroidMir is with you and today we will look at a new model of the budget smartphone INOI 5 2021. Looking ahead, I will say that this model offers good performance for very little money.

INOI 5 2021 review and equipment

As we are used to from other INOI models, the smartphone is sold in a small white box with a picture of the smartphone itself. By the way, at the moment the price tag in the store on INOI is 4990 rubles, very good, right? But what do we get for this money? Let’s go in order:

INOI 5 2021 box


  • The INOI 5 2021 smartphone itself
  • Removable 2500 mAh battery
  • 5V 1A charger
  • MicroUSB charging cable
  • Small instruction in Russian and English

Ergonomics and appearance

To turn on the smartphone, you need to remove the plastic back cover and install the battery, you can also insert SIM cards and a MicroSD memory card there. Everything is held on latches very tightly and firmly, but you can safely remove the cover without tearing your fingers into the blood.

INOI 5 2021 under the lid

The design can be called the most ordinary, especially in black, and in our Sea Green (Sea Green) – it looks much more interesting. The back cover is all glossy and perfectly collects fingerprints and any dust. A corrugated surface would be much more practical.

INOI 5 2021 sea green back cover 2

But the size of the phone is just right – 147x71x9.4 mm, fits perfectly in the hand and fits easily into any pocket, it’s not so easy to find now.INOI 5 2021 is a compact smartphone in hand


Almost the entire front panel is occupied by a 5.5” IPS screen with a small resolution of 960×480 pixels. Knowing in advance the characteristics of the INOI 5 2021, I did not expect to see a high-quality and pleasant display here, but the reality surprised me again. The screen looks very good, bright, juicy – saturated. A well-chosen desktop picture only exacerbates the sensations. Good screen, as for this price.

INOI 5 2021 screen display

Multi-touch is not the most responsive during multiple quick touches, most likely it is due to the limited number of simultaneous clicks – 2. This is not noticeable in the menu and interface, but I noticed it several times in games.


In the budget segment of smartphones, you should not expect a cool sound from an external speaker, just the volume and the absence of extraneous noise or wheezing are enough. And with this INOI 5 2021 did a good job. The sound is clear, loud, but of course it lacks either detail or depth.

INOI 5 2021 sound

And if you listen through headphones, it sounds like more expensive analogues.

BQ Wallet operating system and stuffing

At the beginning, I mentioned good stats. This applies more to the memory set, namely 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. And these are good indicators, because usually phones under 5 thousand rubles have only 1 GB / 8 GB of memory, but here it is 2 times more.

INOI 5 2021 memory

Processor – SC9832E, a budget solution, but it is enough for normal phone operation. The interface works smoothly, applications launch and even some remain in memory, multitasking is enough for 2-3 applications, depending on their severity and operating time.

A pure Android 10 Go is installed as a system – a lightweight version of Android for budget smartphones. It practically does not differ from the usual one, except for the weight of the main Google applications. Immediately after switching on, the “Dark theme” is turned on, which I don’t really like, but at night it can save your eyes.

INOI 5 2021 dark theme

In the Geekbench 5 test, the phone scored the following:

INOI 5 2021 GeekBench 5

The test of wireless systems showed a good 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi antenna, the speed is enough.

INOI 5 2021 speedtest

GPS is not very fast and accurate, but it determines the location.

INOI 5 2021 GPS test

I also checked if you can play on this smartphone, it turns out you can. Especially in more casual and less dynamic toys. For example, in Browl Stars it is quite comfortable to play at minimum wages, the delays are minimal

INOI 5 2021 games browl stars

By tradition and my desire, I’m testing the phone in the Mobile Legends game. Due to the minimum settings and small screen resolution, the game runs quite smoothly. It’s hard to say how many FPS by eye, but definitely more than 20-25. Sometimes it was difficult to press the teleport at the bottom of the screen, I don’t know what it is connected with. But I was able to play and even win.

INOI 5 2021 ML games Mobile Legends

BQ Wallet BQ-5045L Camera

The camera in INOI 5 2021 was not particularly bothered, they just put a simple 5 MP sensor without autofocus. With good lighting, you can still take a normal picture, but in the evening or at night you should not expect a miracle. And also it will not work to make a beautiful macro, since the focus is fixed on distant objects.

The front camera received a 2 MP sensor, there is nothing more to tell about it.


The installed 2500 mAh battery seems very small compared to the huge 5000 batteries of more expensive competitors, but nevertheless, the charge does not melt before our eyes.

INOI 5 2021 battery 2500 mAh battery

100% charge can be enough for about a day of use if you are not the most active user, otherwise you will need to recharge your smartphone during the day.


It’s time to sum up, INOI 5 2021 turned out to be quite good, with its own advantages and disadvantages. But he will definitely be able to compete in the price segment up to 5 thousand rubles.

INOI 5 2021 sea green back cover

Benefits of INOI 5 2021:

  • Great screen
  • Compact and handy body
  • Good amount of memory 2/16

Disadvantages of INOI 5 2021:

  • No camera autofocus
  • Small battery

Such a smartphone can be recommended as a first phone for children or the elderly, or as a second phone for work or other needs.

You can buy INOI 5 2021 for only 4990 rubles in INOI official store.

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