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Phone review BQ Wallet 5045L – the most budgetary with NFC

At the beginning of October 2020, BQ decided to please everyone with the release of the cheapest smartphone with NFC – BQ Wallet 5045L.

BQ Wallet 5045L overview and package contents

The BQ Wallet box is made in the general style of BQ, although the cardboard itself is made simpler, and brief characteristics of the smartphone are indicated on the back of the box. Also on the end it is indicated that the guarantee is electronic and a special coupon is not needed.

BQ Wallet 5045L accessories

The box contains:

  • The smartphone itself (with factory protective film)
  • 2000 mAh battery
  • 5V 0.7A charger
  • Micro USB charging cable

Ergonomics and appearance

The model is available in three colors: black, green and blue, like ours. How nice it is to hold a compact smartphone in your hands after 6-7 inch “shovels”. Every point of the screen can be easily reached, and the buttons are pressed without intercepting the phone in hand. The case is made of matte plastic, the back cover is removable.

BQ Wallet 5045L case and back cover

Under it there is a place for the battery and connectors for two SIM cards and a MicroSD memory card

BQ Wallet 5045L connectors for sim cards

The weight of the smartphone was 144 grams, and the overall dimensions were 141×67.8×10.5 mm.


The BQ Wallet display is only 4.95 inches diagonal with an 18:9 aspect ratio. The screen resolution is also low – 960×480. The TN matrix is ​​​​of course not the best solution in 2020, but this is saving for the sake of a low price. The colors are noticeably distorted when tilted, this is a drawback of the TN matrix, nothing can be done. There is enough brightness, although there is no auto-tuning.

BQ Wallet 5045L screen

At the right angle and close to it, the colors are juicy and saturated, in general the screen is pleasant.


Very pleasantly surprised by the sound from the media speaker, there is both volume and clarity. You don’t even expect that from a government worker. You can listen to an example of the sound of BQ Wallet 5045L in the video review at the top of the page.

BQ Wallet 5045L headphone jack

But in the headphones, the volume is enough with a margin. Add a good headset and even get a pretty deep and high-quality sound.


As a regular phone for talking, the BQ Wallet 5045L proved to be excellent, it transmits sound through the microphone well, and the earpiece delivers intelligible and loud speech.

GPS also works fine, as soon as I turned on GPS Test, it immediately found satellites and connected to them, the window had an accuracy of 2-3 m.

The most important feature of the phone follows from its name BQ Wallet – Wallet. The NFC function in a smartphone for 5290 rubles is super! This means that you can easily use various contactless payment systems.

My Wi-Fi speed was up to 50 Mbps, enough for a smartphone.

BQ Wallet BQ-5045L Camera

I would like to talk more about the camera, but there is not much to talk about, not even focusing. So you are unlikely to be able to photograph small text, except perhaps more distant objects, people or landscape.

BQ Wallet 5045L camera interface

By the way, the resolution of the main camera is 5 MP.

BQ Wallet 5045L camera

The 2MP front-facing camera is more practical, and the quality is good enough for video calls or selfies.

BQ Wallet operating system and stuffing

The BQ Wallet is brand new and clean Android 10 Go with the appropriate lightweight apps. RAM 1 GB and built-in 16 GB. Very modest by the standards of the end of 2020, but the system does not slow down, it is just leisurely.

BQ Wallet 5045L Android 10 Go

Mediatek MT8765WB quad-core 1.3 GHz (Cortex-A53) is installed as a processor, although all applications point to a similar MT6739WA. GPU – PowerVR Rogue GE8100. There is not much power in the smartphone, only for standard use and casual toys.


But low consumption will allow you to comfortably use your smartphone despite the battery with a capacity of only 2000 mAh. If you do not actively use your smartphone, then one day should be enough.

BQ Wallet 5045L battery 2000 mAh


BQ Wallet is perfect for those who know exactly what they want from a budget smartphone. It has all the necessary features of a modern smartphone, yes with reservations, but they work well. And the most important function – NFC makes it the price leader in the e-wallet segment. And on my own behalf, I want to add that it is very pleasant to use a phone with compact dimensions, it fits well in the hand and fits perfectly in the pocket.

You can buy BQ Wallet 5045L for only 5290 rubles in official BQ store.

Please write in the comments how often do you use NFC as a payment method?

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