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Merging Android and Chrome OS – Andromeda Project

All Google fans are looking forward to October 4th to see what the company has in store for us. However, very little is planned (Pixel smartphones, Chromecast Ultra, Google Home and Google Wifi), which is very confusing and leads to some thoughts. As a result, fans and analysts turned their attention to a tweet from Android SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer, and spoilers have already begun: the Andromeda project.

andromeda project

Translation: We presented the first version of Android 8 years ago. I have a feeling that from now on we will talk about October 4, 2016 for another 8 years.

On the one hand, we can think that the Android company will continue to develop, and we will talk about it further. But if you look from the other side, then everything can not be so simple. For a year now, we have been teased by rumors about the legendary merger of Android and Chrome OS. Within Google, the project is named Andromeda. Even if Andromeda doesn’t show up this year, that doesn’t mean the merger will never happen.

At the same time, rumors about the merger of Android and Chrome are as old as the operating systems themselves, but they gained some ground after an article in The Wall Street Journal. The magazine claimed that Google is planning a merger between Android and Chrome to better match Android and expand platform support. In particular, the merger is taking place for the emergence of a hybrid Android OS in order to fill the market with laptops and personal computers based on it in the future.

The magazine continues to state that the OS merger will not be ready for release in 2017, and we still believe it will be. But Google confidently claims that they will “introduce early versions next year.” Well, we are already at the end of 2016. On October 4th there will be a huge Google event where we will see a lot of previously announced and quite interesting products. We’re not prepared to suggest that Google might have “one more thing” cooked up around Andromeda, but this tweet could very well be the reason for it. What could be as important as the announcement of the Android system itself? It’s certainly not just some new phones. Lockheimer signaled that this would be a historic event for Google, worthy of comparison with the release date of the world’s most popular operating system. It’s definitely something significant.

We don’t really know what the Andromeda project means for Android, but if everything works out as we hope, then on October 4, 2016 we will see the biggest merger of the decade, which will change the course of events and lead to new evolutions in the world of technology.

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