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Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Redkey W12 – Dry and Wet Cleaning

Redkey W12 is a 3-in-1 device. Vacuum, mop and self-cleaning for wet and dry cleaning – say goodbye to the complicated steps of old-fashioned cleaning

Deep cleaning requires three steps: vacuum (or sweep), mop, and then clean the vacuum and mop. Is there a universal tool that does all this in one go? As you may have guessed, there really is! Asian smart home appliance brand Redkey recently launched the W12 Wet and Dry Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner to save people from this hassle. With it, cleaning becomes faster and easier, and the price is quite reasonable.

The Redkey W12 Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner redefines the concept of quick, thorough cleaning. As the modern world is gaining momentum, people have less and less free time. They need more cleaning tools to make their home cleaner and cozier. Redkey W12 is a hybrid vacuum cleaner and electric mop with fast self-cleaning. You can easily and quickly finish cleaning with the touch of a button. Whether it’s hard floors or carpets, kitchen or living room, dry or wet waste such as cereals, cooking oil, pet hair… the W12 takes care of it all.

Redkey W12 dry and wet vacuum cleaner

“Water, roller brush and vacuum cleaner” – powerful cleaning ability

The wet and dry vacuum cleaner is known to moisten the roller brush with clean water, adsorb waste on the floor, and suck wet and dry waste with a powerful motor. The water flow rate, the absorbency of the roller brush, the rotation speed of the roller brush and the suction power of the main brush must work together to achieve the best cleaning performance.

The various parts of the Redkey W12 fit together well.

The main DC motor is not only stable, but also rotates 44,000 times per minute and generates 150W of power, making wet and dry waste deep cleaning possible. Service life up to 10 years.
Independent motor + 58mm thick roller brush. The motorized roller brush has a forward pull, which makes it easier to maneuver the vacuum cleaner. And with a 58mm diameter, the roller brush can cover more area and absorb more stubborn stains without damaging hardwood or tile.
Redkey W12 has two levels of water supply, which are adjustable depending on the floor. Where the fast and large roller brush is covered, all waste is sent to the “dirty water tank”.

[ /video]

Self-cleaning, lightweight, long battery life, low noise, easy to use

Strong cleansing power is key to Redkey W12.

Self-cleaning instead of manual cleaning. When you put it back to the base after cleaning, you can press the quick self-cleaning button. With the blue LED blinking, it starts cleaning the roller brush itself. The machine pumps water to the bottom sink and an independent motor spins the roller brush to clean it. After that, dirty water and small debris will be sucked into the dirty water tank. All you have to do is press a button and empty the water tank. Redkey W12 is so independent that it does not add any burden to the user.

The vacuum cleaner weighs 3.8kg, like a large laptop. It is convenient for women when they need to carry it up or down stairs. Redkey W12 is light, compact and easy to operate with one hand.

Redkey W12 is energy efficient. The three-cell 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery provides 45 minutes of operation, which is enough to clean a 200 square meter house. Most families do not need to charge it while cleaning.

Redkey W12

Redkey W12 is not loud. The developers have improved the noise reduction performance of the main motor, roller brush motor and air duct. Three-step noise cancellation keeps the W12 at 72db so it won’t bother the family too much.

They also did a good job on voice control, portable design, etc. Being a new brand, Redkey brings together the best technology and design talent in the home appliance industry. And it goes global with extraordinary design, quality manufacturing and a fair price.

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