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Redkey W12 vacuum cleaner can mop and vacuum your floor

Powered by technology, Redkey is the leader of the home cleaning revolution

Technology is shaping and changing the world. In the home hygiene section, developers and designers have sought to bring new improvements and revolutionize our daily cleaning.

The cordless vacuum cleaner with powerful suction can easily handle various types of everyday waste. Whereas the robot vacuum cleaner will free your hands from cleaning the floor. The advent of cleaning robots has greatly simplified life and is loved by most office workers and young people. These technological tools have entered our lives and allow us to deeply understand the new era.

But when it comes to wet waste (spilled coffee, food, sauce, etc.), they are of little use. Think back to when you spilled your coffee in the early morning and the kids knocked over breakfast. You sighed and went to get a mop and kitchen towels. First you cleaned the sticky cloth with towels. Then you washed the floor, and then you washed the mop so it didn’t smell. In the worst case, you may have to repeat these three steps over and over again.

Even if there is no “family accident”, most home cleaning scenes go like this: you have to vacuum the floor and wipe it with a damp mop, wash the mop so that it does not smell … Obviously, cleaning the floor is difficult and tedious.

Leading Asian cleaning brand Redkey noticed this problem and conducted a global study. Redkey has learned that people want to take fewer steps with fewer tools to complete more cleaning jobs. The best solution is a universal tool.

Redkey has researched modern technology and developed a new intelligent wet and dry vacuum cleaner Redkey W12. Redkey W12 Vacuums and wipes wet and dry waste and is self-cleaning. Put it back on the base after cleaning, and press the “Quick Self-Cleaning” button, it will automatically clean the brush head and air duct. All you have to do is empty the waste tank.

Redkey W12 will clean the floors:

  • Vacuum, mop, self-cleaning 3-in-1
  • Wet and dry waste treatment
  • Quick self-cleaning
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Long running time
  • Low noise
  • Remove dirt in 60 seconds
  • Dust is not raised when emptying the waste water tank.

Redkey is an innovative home appliance manufacturer committed to making customers’ lives better. Redkey focuses on development and quality production. Its mission is to develop cleaning devices with different functions to meet the different needs of people.

Redkey provides simple and effective home cleaning solutions at reasonable prices so people can fall in love with cleaning.

We believe the Redkey W12 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner will change the way floors are cleaned by giving people an easy and fun way to clean. This makes life easier for people and, more importantly, saves them a lot of time.

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