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Robot vacuum cleaner ROIDMI Eve Plus with a sterilizer

ROIDMI Eve Plus robot vacuum cleaner sterilizes a source of pollution that I didn’t notice

ROIDMI Eve Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with activated oxygen technology that prevents mold and odor from waste for 60 days when it is stored on the dock dust collection stations. This makes vacuuming easier, cleaner and healthier.

ROIDMI Eve Plus robot vacuum

Self-cleaning robotic vacuum cleaners have a distinct advantage for busy people. Just set the cleaning mode and schedule in the app, and the robot vacuum cleaner will vacuum the floor and carpets on time every day. All the garbage that the robot collects will be dumped into a large dust collection station. And you only need to replace the included dust bag about once every 60 days. So convenient!

But there is a potential health hazard: mold can grow in the garbage and odors can spread.

ROIDMI Eve Plus robot vacuum
Burger King showed a burger decomposing in 34 days in a slow motion ad.

In the end, the sandwich turned into a ball-shape of apparently toxic flowers. If not treated, the waste in the dust collection station will be the same after 60 days.

To solve this problem, the dust collector ROIDMI Eve Plus is equipped with an activated oxygen sterilization system that destroys any bacteria or viruses.

Activated oxygen can penetrate the cell membrane, oxidizing lipoproteins and lipopolysaccharides. This will change the permeability of the cells and eventually destroy them.

The activated oxygen system kills 99.99% of bacteria and prevents mold and odor after every dust removal. And with HEPA filters, the dust collector captures fine dust and exhales surgically clean air into the home. With activated oxygen sterilization and HEPA filters, ROIDMI Eve Plus vacuum cleaner can protect the family from asthma, allergies or any other respiratory disease.

Preventing bacteria and odors from polluting your home, eliminating allergy triggers, and protecting your family… ROIDMI Eve Plus is built to protect every home .

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