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KUMI – New brand: Smart watch, TWS headphones and GaN chargers

We present you a new brand of smart wearable devices KUMI.

As the concepts of the Internet of Things and smart wearables become more popular, more people are beginning to understand this. Today we will open a new brand for you – KUMI. We learn the hidden meaning of the brand and what they are going to provide us.


First of all, let’s start with the brand logo. KUMI is not a new brand in China, in Chinese “KUMI” means connection with think tanks in search of the future. Meanwhile, blue “KU” means innovative technology, red “MI” means better life and interesting things. Together, this means that KUMI hopes to let everyone enjoy a better life through innovative technology, and that is KUMI’s mission.

As a brand, KUMI is well known in China. The company started its business in China many years ago in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei. KUMI decided to expand its influence to overseas markets. As KUMI CEO Guo told us, “We believe we can” is the motto of KUMI.

Over the past few years, KUMI has participated in various conferences such as CES, MWC and APD. All KUMI products have required certifications such as CE, FCC, RoHS, SAA, IC, etc.

During a conversation with KUMI CEO Guo, he told us that KUMI’s ultimate goal is to create an AIOT (AI + Internet of Things) surrounded by a series of smart products. The KUMI AIOT concept involves smart equipment, including smart watches, fitness bands, wireless headphones, GaN fast charger and other health and sports-related smart devices.

KUMI smart watch


KUMI Smartwatch includes 7 series, KU series for health, K series for fashion, GT series for cool gadgets, GW series for business style, U series for sports, M series for super value, I series for kids. At the moment, Kumi KU2 Plus, Kumi GW16T and Kumi U3 smartwatches are new products on the market.

Kumi KU2 Plus is a 1.69-inch dual-sided curved smartwatch that supports real-time blood oxygen monitoring and up to 24 sports modes. Kumi GW16T is a really popular product in China due to its excellent quality and looks. Kumi U3 is equipped with a 1.57-inch color display and supports 24-hour heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, any small changes in your body will be recorded and informed.


Wireless headphones


Kumi wireless bluetooth headphones are also available: KUMI T1, KUMI T3S, KUMI T9S Pro, KUMI G03 and KUMI K5. All of these products are CE and FCC certified. And all of these items can be purchased from AliExpress and Amazon global stores.


Smart bracelet

KUMI Band 6 fitness with curved screen is also an ultra-lightweight bracelet that weighs only 24g. It is a brand new product with a global launch scheduled for August.

KUMI Band 6

When we browsed the KUMI AliExpress store, we also found a really interesting product called “KUMI SmartBand N8”. KUMI N8 comes with two wireless earbuds that can be inserted into a smart bracelet. This is a really interesting and exciting feature that is rarely seen in the world of smart bracelets. KUMI N8 also features a high-quality 0.96-inch AMOLED color display with Bluetooth 5.0 support.

KUMI SmartBand N8

GaN Quick Charger

KUMI offers 2 kinds of fast charging: GaN fast charger and normal fast charger. The 100W GaN fast charger can fully charge your iPhone or Huawei smartphones in 30 minutes. It should be noted that Kumi already provides 30W, 65W and 100W GaN fast chargers in the official AliExpress KUMI store.

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