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I can’t open settings on Android phone [2022]

When Settings won’t open on Android phone, the user has a question in his head: “I can’t open the settings on my Android phone, what should I do”.
If this problem appears after installing any software, uninstall it.
If the bug followed after other actions, and you do not remember which ones, do not rush to do a factory reset, this will entail consequences in the form of lost data.

Phone settings not opening in 2022

  • Go to Play Market or Play Store
  • Type “Digital Wellbeing” in the search box
  • Files will appear, one of them will have the status – installed
  • Open it
  • Click – delete
  • In the upper right corner there are three dots or stripes, click on them and uncheck “Auto-updates”
  • The settings are working!

There is a more loyal method:

  1. Boot in safe mode
    1. Press the power button until the menu appears
    2. Tap “Power off” and keep your finger on until a new menu appears
    3. Tap OK
  2. In the settings, launch the applications section
  3. Find and remove the SMS/MMS app
  4. Restart your gadget in normal mode

After these manipulations, the problem with closed settings should disappear. Did this guide help you?

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