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Android with an exclamation mark – how to fix it?

If you see an Android robot with an exclamation mark when you turn on the device, then something went wrong while working with the operating software.

Android with exclamation mark

Android with an exclamation point – solutions

If you find an Android robot with a red exclamation mark on the screen, don’t panic. This is a common mistake and easy to fix.

There are three ways to solve the problem:

  1. Engineering menu. Use the Home, Power and “Volume down” buttons (transition to the engineering menu). Next – Wipe data/factory reset and reboot the device
  2. Flashing via USB cable and PC. Download the firmware for your device and extract it to a disk From your computer. Turn off the device by combining the Power and Volume Up buttons, thereby entering the phone into firmware mode. Follow the program instructions
  3. Change firmware using SD card and developer menu. Download the desired firmware to your SD card. Insert it into the gadget and enter the engineering menu, as described in method 1. Select “Recovery using SD card”

Android with exclamation point

If you still have questions and you could not fix the error, or maybe you want to tell your own way of fixing the error – write in the comments below.

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