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REVIEW – Baseus Bowie E8 – Compact In-Ear Headphones

I want to show you the next Baseus Bowie E8 TWS headphones. Which, despite its rather low price, namely $26 + additional discounts on the 11.11 sale on Aliexpress, can provide a fairly extensive list of features and good sound.

Let’s figure it out.


  • Brand: Baseus
  • Model Number: Baseus Bowie E8
  • Material: ABS + Polycarbonate
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Maximum connection distance: 10m
  • Music playback: 5 hours (70% volume)
  • Time with charging case: about 20-25 hours
  • Battery capacity: 40 mAh / 0.148 Wh (in earphone) 350 mAh / 1.295 Wh (in box)
  • Headphone nominal charge: 5V ⎓ 72mA
  • Charging Box: 5 VDC Current ⎓ 450mA
  • Rated current consumption of headphones: 10mA
  • Rated current consumption in the box: 200 mA
  • Charging time: up to 1 hour
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Charging port: USB Type-C
  • Compatible with all wireless devices

Headphones arrived in a fairly compact box, in the corporate style of Baseus. Although I saw other, more bulky boxes in the product reviews.

Baseus Bowie E8 box

By the way, they are available in two colors, black and white.

The package includes the minimum set:

  • The headphones themselves in the charging caseBaseus Bowie E8 headphones
  • USB Type-C cable about 50cm long Baseus Bowie E8 type-c cable
  • Manual, Quick Start Guide and Warranty Card


The size of the case is noticeably smaller than the standard one, which allows you to carry them without discomfort in any clothes and bag.

For example, I have an older Baseus W09 model, they have served me for more than a year and I am quite satisfied with them. But in terms of dimensions, they are noticeably larger, both the case and the headphones.

The case is made of white matte plastic with a very pleasant, slightly rough finish. Various dirt will stick to it minimally, and fingerprints will not be visible.

Baseus Bowie E8 plastic cover

On the front side, under the cover, there are three small LEDs that show the approximate charge level of the case.

Baseus Bowie E8 LEDs

On the back side, I was not very pleased with one controversial decision – a chrome-plated hinge, not only does it collect prints, but also its size is noticeably larger than in the same W09.

Baseus Bowie E8 chrome insert

Well, okay, but the lid itself closes without a loud knock. There is a button just below, with its help you can reset the settings to factory settings by opening the lid and holding the button for 5 seconds or enable Low latency mode for games by double-clicking

Well, at the bottom there is a Type-C port for charging.

Baseus Bowie E8 Type-C charging port

The fit quality of the lid is not perfect, but very good. In front, the finger almost does not feel the difference, and behind there is a more noticeable border. If you shake the case in your hand, the lid does not open, and the headphones sit quite tightly in their places.

Baseus Bowie E8 lid drop

The headphones themselves are made of two types of plastic, the stem and the outer part are made of matte plastic, and the one that will be in contact with the ear is glossy to make it easier to clean.

Baseus Bowie E8 headphones macro

Personally, I can comfortably wear only this form factor – “In-Ear”, they sit firmly and do not put pressure on the ear. In general, they fit me better without ear pads, and these ones in particular fit just fine. There is a feeling that they don’t sit tight, but with sudden movements of the head they don’t even twitch, they sit perfectly.

Baseus Bowie E8 Sensor LED

Headphones are IPX5 water resistant. The speaker and microphone in the headphones are protected by metal mesh.

Baseus Bowie E8 IPX5
On the outer side of the leg is a chrome insert with a touch button and an LED that stops flashing when the earpiece is inserted into the ear.


Touch control here:

  • Music mode
  • Double tap: Play / Pause
  • Triple tap: Voice assistant
  • Long press left earphone: Previous track
  • Long press on right earbud: Next track
  • Ring mode
  • Double tap: Answer / Hang up
  • Long press 3 seconds: Reset

You need to download the Baseus app to change the headphone control. There is a tab for changing settings, up to disabling touch controls.

In the application, you can activate the search for the earphone, it will begin to emit a signal that gradually increases. True, if he was lying around somewhere not nearby, then you have to listen, but still a very useful function.

You can also find the earpiece using the map, although Google maps for some reason does not load, but Baidu works. A very cool thing if you often lose all sorts of little things.

The charge is enough for about 4-5 hours of listening not at maximum volume (~ 70%), and the case allows you to fully charge the headphones 3 more times.

The sound and my feedback

The headphones support the AAC codec, you can also check this in the Bluetooth connection settings.

Baseus Bowie E8 codecs

As for the sound quality, the basses are of course weak, but they are there, it’s just a feature of the shape of the earbuds, but the mids and highs are very good. The sounds do not mix into a mess, and the volume here is for a solid margin, you don’t want to set more than 70% even in a loud place, but in a quiet room it’s comfortable and at 30% volume.

Baseus Bowie E8 sounding

The quality of the microphone is not wow, but you can hear it normally in a conversation, you can listen to an example on the video.

Baseus Bowie E8 lag in games

In games, the delay is not really felt, and the activation of the low latency mode does not really change anything, at least I did not notice.


In general, I liked the Baseus Bowie E8 headphones, even despite the frail bass and not the coolest microphone. Convenience, compact size and the ability to turn off the touch buttons turned out to be more important for me. Well, the price is quite adequate.

Buy Baseus Bowie E8 on Aliexpress

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