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REVIEW KUMI GT5 – A watch from which you can call!

Hello everyone, today we are reviewing the most unusual smartwatch with headset capabilities. KUMI GT5 – looks like an ordinary watch, but it can do much more.

The watch came in a nice box with the name of the watch and a small picture.

KUMI GT5 box

Inside the box were only the watch itself, a magnetic charging cable and instructions.

KUMI GT5 equipment

KUMI GT5 have a screen diagonal of 32 mm and a resolution of 240×240 pixels.

KUMI GT5 screen

At the same time, the black frame around the screen can glow during a call or receiving messages.

KUMI GT5 circle backlight

By the way, the screen brightness is sufficient for daytime use, but at night it is excessive and not adjustable.

The case is made of metal, and in the lower part – plastic with glass covering the pulse sensor.

KUMI GT5 sensors

The strap has a standard width of 22 mm and a quick-release clasp.

KUMI GT5 strap

But most importantly, it is very pleasant and comfortable, and in general, the watch sits perfectly on the hand, even on my hand.

KUMI GT5 buttons

On the side of the clock there are 2 buttons – Back and Home.

KUMI GT5 menu

The menu on the watch has the most standard set of functions:

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Tonometer
  • Pulse oximeter
  • PedometerKUMI GT5 pedometer
  • Music controls
  • Sleep qualityKUMI GT5 sleep
  • StopwatchKUMI GT5 stopwatch
  • Alarm clock
  • Find phone
  • And the most interesting one – Dialer and Contact BookKUMI GT5 phone

True, it contains only those numbers that you yourself set in the application – Super Band.


By the way, the application itself is extremely poor, although it has a basic set of activity tracking, camera activation after a clock and a couple of functions, in general it is very simple. But I have a complaint only about the settings for incoming notifications, unfortunately, there is neither Viber, nor Telegram, nor even Vkontakte. Of the main networks, there is only Whatsapp or Instagram, which is categorically insufficient in our country.

KUMI GT5 notifications

There are quite a lot of dials, but they are all monotonous and boring, although you can choose any picture, and they also take a very long time to install.

KUMI GT5 watch faces

The translation in the watch is very mediocre, of course you can use it, but some menu items and the font itself leave much to be desired.KUMI GT5 translation

I tested the main function of the watch – the headset and was pleasantly surprised, not only does it work at all, it also sounds pretty good, in general, those who really need to call through the watch will appreciate the KUMI GT5 smart watch.

KUMI GT5 call Androidmir

As a result, the watch is generally not bad, even despite the average translation and the lack of support for many instant messengers, it is quite convenient to use them, and their ability to make and receive calls generally puts them in another division, while their price is quite ordinary . Only $37, and even the coupon can be applied for $5.

You can buy KUMI GT5 in their official store on Aliexpress.

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