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Review of KUMI KU2 PLUS with Thermometer and Pulse Oximeter

Hello everyone, today we have a review of a new smart watch from Kumi, the KU2 Plus model with a built-in thermometer ~ for $ 35. Now I have another watch from kumi in line, so subscribe to our Youtube channel and watch the review.

The watch came in a beautiful and interesting box with the image of the watch and the name on the box.

KUMI KU2 PLUS box box packaging

On the reverse side you can find the main technical specifications.

Inside the box you can find:

  • The Kumi ku2 plus watch itselfKUMI KU2 PLUS clock
  • Magnetic charging cableKUMI KU2 PLUS magnetic charging cable
  • DocumentationKUMI KU2 PLUS manual app

The design of the watch resembles that of you-know-who.

KUMI KU2 PLUS design

There is also a very beautiful rounded glass, which adds even more ease of use.

KUMI KU2 PLUS metal case

The case is made of metal, and the back is made of plastic, so it’s more pleasant for the skin. Optical sensors are also located below.

KUMI KU2 PLUS rear plastic and sensors

The strap is a standard size, made of soft-touch silicone with smooth edges.

KUMI KU2 PLUS silicone strap

By the way, it can be easily removed and replaced with another, because here the standard size is 22 mm.

KUMI KU2 PLUS remove strap

Adjusting the strap allows you to put it on a thin female hand and even on an impressive male hand.

KUMI KU2 PLUS strap adjustment

Now let’s go through the settings and functions a bit, and then check the accuracy of the measurements on this watch.

Under the film, we are waiting for a small 1.69” display with a resolution of 240*280 pixels, in general, the standard at the moment.

KUMI KU2 PLUS display

But a nice feature turned out to be a very good oleophobic coating on the glass, thanks to which the finger glides perfectly on its surface, and also leaves fewer prints. Test.

In the watch itself, you can choose from 1 of 3 watch faces, but in the Glory Fit app, you can choose from more than 50 others.

KUMI KU2 PLUS watch faces

Also mine to make my own if you wish.

Let’s go to the settings:

  • The first thing we can do is adjust the brightness in 4 gradations from 25% to 100%KUMI KU2 PLUS brightness
  • Smartphone search turns on vibration so you don’t have to look for which pillow your phone is lying underKUMI KU2 PLUS find phone
  • Sound on/off, watch face selection, Power off and reset

Of course, you can read messages from your phone and messengers on your watch, including in Russian.

KUMI KU2 PLUS notification messages

Swipe to go to the fitness tracker:

  • First of all, the watch offers to measure temperatureKUMI KU2 PLUS thermometer
  • Next PedometerKUMI KU2 PLUS pedometer
  • Heart rate monitorKUMI KU2 PLUS heart rate monitor
  • Blood oxygenKUMI KU2 PLUS
  • Sleep monitoringKUMI KU2 PLUS sleep monitoring
  • WeatherKUMI KU2 PLUS weather

If you swipe the other way from the home screen, here:

  • Activity with tons of different modes during sportsKUMI KU2 PLUS activity sports
  • Repeat the same paragraphs
  • Music controlsKUMI KU2 PLUS music control
  • StopwatchKUMI KU2 PLUS stopwatch
  • The timer is simpleKUMI KU2 PLUS timer

It turned out to be quite a lot of duplicated items and functions, but it’s not scary.

With active use, the watch will last from one charge to 1 week, of course, it all depends on the activity of the screen and sensors. And so the battery capacity is 200 mAh.

I don’t see the point in dwelling on the application. All the basic and necessary settings and functions are here.

KUMI KU2 PLUS application for Glory Fit watches

Let’s check how much the thermometer is lying to us. The clock shows two digits, the upper one indicates the skin temperature, and the second one calculates the approximate body temperature using the algorithm. The watch does not measure the air, unlike some, so this is already good.

KUMI KU2 PLUS thermometer test

But the accuracy of measurements is of course far from medical devices, but most importantly, namely, the elevated temperature, they will be able to show you, at 37.3 and above, the watch will give a signal so that you can respond in time and take care of your health and the health of those around you.

The heart rate monitor, pulse oximeter and pedometer are technologies that have long been perfected, for everyday use their accuracy is quite enough.

To summarize, the watch did not disappoint me at all. They have all the necessary functions plus a nice design. Now the regular price for KUMI KU2 PLUS is $37, but you can take a coupon for another $5, which will eventually give a price of about 32 $ and during the promotion you can take even cheaper. And for this price, this is already a good option if you like this smartwatch form factor.

KUMI Official Website

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