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360 C50-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review [REVIEW]

Hello everyone, AndroidMir is with you and today we have a very useful home assistant on our review – a robot vacuum cleaner 360 С50-1

I want to say right away that the price of this miracle is now less than 13,000 rubles, which is very attractive for such devices. Last but not least, the 360 ​​C50-1 offers some pretty cool specs and features for the money. But first, let’s unpack the vacuum cleaner from the box and look at the package.


  • Vacuum cleaner – looks pretty nice in black
  • Dock
  • Remote control and batteries
  • Dust container
  • Water container
  • Microfiber cloth for wet cleaning
  • Side brushes
  • Center brush

Overview of Robot Vacuum Cleaner 360 C50-1 equipment

Judging by the configuration, 360 C50-1 is designed not only to suck dust, but also to wipe it during wet cleaning, of course it will not replace your mop, but it is very possible to regularly reduce the amount of fine dust.


At first glance, the vacuum cleaner is very compact and can fit anywhere in your apartment.

Robota Vacuum Cleaner Overview 360 C50-1 - brushes

Two side flexible brushes and one central brush pick up all the debris, and the powerful motor has a suction power of 2600 Pa, which is a lot for a robot vacuum cleaner (standard values ​​​​are in the range of 2000-2200 Pa)

360 C50-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Overview

At the same time, at maximum power, it hums like an ordinary vacuum cleaner, but there is nothing surprising with such power. But on medium or in quiet mode, it is quite acceptable.

Overview of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner 360 C50-1 water tank

From a full charge, the vacuum cleaner is able to work for quite a long time – 120 minutes. To do this, he has a large dust container of 500 ml and also a rather large container for wet water of 300 ml.

The vacuum cleaner can be controlled in three ways:

  • Remote like a regular TV with simple and clear buttons
  • Through the application – this is rather the main way, especially for initial setup, firmware updates and further monitoring of the vacuum cleaner
  • And even voice control using the Alice voice assistant

Overview of Robot Vacuum Cleaner 360 C50-1 cleaning 2

As for the cleaning itself, the vacuum cleaner was a pleasant surprise and, despite the absence of a virtual map builder of the room, it orients itself quite well in the room and draws up a route. Also in my room, he completely vacuumed the entire floor, leaving no large uncleaned areas.

Overview of Robot Vacuum Cleaner 360 C50-1 cleaning

During wet cleaning, he evenly wetted the floor along his entire trajectory of movement, completely covering the passed sections, thereby completely washing the room. Of course, he will not replace general cleaning, but he can greatly reduce the amount of dust in the apartment, and this is his most important parameter.

Overview Robot Vacuum Cleaner 360 C50-1 wet cleaning

It also handles small obstacles like 16mm chipboard with ease.

After cleaning, the robot itself returns to the base and starts charging, but it can also be charged directly via the cable.

Overview of the 360 ​​C50-1 Robot Vacuum Return to Base

It’s time to take stock, and I can say for sure that if you want to buy a robot vacuum cleaner on a small budget, and 10 thousand rubles for such devices is not much, then 360 C50-1 will be an excellent choice. Why? Well, see for yourself:

  • Price – 9990 rubles
  • Compact dimensions
  • Easy management
  • Quality cleaning + wet cleaning
  • Large trash and water tank

And the model is also adapted for the Russian consumer and has the necessary certification and after-sales warranty service in a wide network of authorized MixTech service centers (MixTech) throughout the Russian Federation.

And among the relative disadvantages are:

  • Not the prettiest voice
  • It will be harder to handle a crowded room (such as a table and chairs) than more expensive counterparts
  • Additional replacement brushes and filters will then have to be purchased independently

But I think you yourself understand that all this can be easily forgiven for his excellent price, by the way, you can purchase the Robot Vacuum Cleaner 360 C50-1 in the store M.video

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