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Root rights for Bluestacks and Nox emulators

Let’s see how to root emulators BlueStacks and Nox.

Emulators root

How to root on BlueStacks emulator

There is no built-in root function on the BlueStacks emulator, so we will use the BSTweaker2 utility.


  1. Launch BlueStacks
  2. Download the archive from BSTweaker2 and extract it
  3. Open BSTweaker2 folderemulator root
  4. Run BlueStacksTweaker2.exeemulator root
  5. Open the Helpers tab, click on the top button Patch root rights to the emulator

After that, install eu.chainfire.supersu from the downloaded archive into BlueStacks and wait for the SuperSU application to install.

emulator root

How to enable root rights on the Nox emulator

In the Nox emulator, everything is somewhat simpler, root rights are already built into the program and can be activated in the settings.

How to enable them:

  1. Click on the gear to go to settings
  2. Open the “General” settings tab
  3. In the “Root” section, select “On”

emulator root

We will be happy to answer any remaining questions in the comments!

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