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New Issues: High Screen Power Consumption on Pixel 6 Pro

Complaints about the screen of the Google Pixel 6 Pro were not limited to problems with unlocking it. This time there was a message about the high power consumption of the screen, when working with a refresh rate of both 120 Hz and 60 Hz.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Issues

Andrei F wrote about this in Twitter. He also described that when In bright light, the Google Pixel 6 Pro display consumes more battery in 60Hz mode compared to 120Hz. As evidence, he posted the results of the tests.

Based on its image, when set to minimum brightness in high light conditions, the Pixel 6 Pro screen consumes 102mW less in 120Hz mode compared to 60Hz mode. However, when the ambient light sensor detects a low ambient light level and sets it to 120 Hz, much more energy is used – 930 mW.

pixel 6 pro iphne 13 pro screen consumption graph

This Google Pixel 6 Pro screen data doesn’t really correlate with the base Pixel 6’s performance at around 500mW. According to the graphs above, the new firmware is identical in these characteristics to Samsung’s flagships – Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Ultra. As for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, its screen at a refresh rate of 120 Hz consumes 390-430 mW, which is also reported by Andrei F.

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