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  5. Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Ultrasonic Toothbrush for $39.99

Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Ultrasonic Toothbrush for $39.99

Don’t miss your chance to get the Xiaomi sub-brand Oclean X Pro ultrasonic toothbrush at the best price of $39.99. The regular price for this model is usually $50-60, which you can easily check.

Oclean X Pro Sonic dhgate

We mean electric and smart toothbrush Oclean X Pro Sonic with Bluetooth, LCD screen and power 42000 vibrations/min , which you can now purchase at DHgate for only 39 $99,if you use the XPROOCL discount coupon.

Oclean X Pro Sonic dhgate

Perfect mouth cleaning

Oclean X Pro Sonic dhgate

The Oclean XPro electric toothbrush is an innovative, stylish, ergonomic model with a color touch screen that makes daily hygiene as easy and comfortable as possible. effective. The color screen and innovative smart algorithm gives you complete control over your mouth cleaning. You will be able to monitor the correctness and effectiveness of brushing your teeth, the thoroughness of plaque removal and the presence of missed areas. The touch screen displays information in percentage about the degree of cleaning of 4 zones, into which the oral cavity is conventionally divided.

Smart control system

Oclean X Pro Sonic dhgate

The Oclean X Pro electric toothbrush is equipped with a special 6-axis gyroscope that captures data during the cleaning process from speed 1500 times per minute. The proprietary application displays information not about 4, but about 8 zones for a more thorough and correct analysis. An intelligent control algorithm carefully monitors even the smallest movements of the toothbrush, automatically detecting untreated areas and the level of cleaning. In addition, an ultrasonic toothbrush will help avoid damage to your teeth and gums.

Simplicity and clearness of the interface

Oclean X Pro Sonic dhgate

The Oclean X Pro electric toothbrush has an attractive, stylish design and ergonomics inherent in all creations of this manufacturer. The brand is renowned for the efficient implementation of innovations to achieve maximum comfort and performance. Experts have thought through every detail of the toothbrush. The device, in addition to basic information about the operation of the toothbrush, contains a lot of other useful information: weather forecast, current time, usage data, etc.

Advanced Modern Engine

Oclean X Pro Sonic dhgate

The Oclean X Pro Electric Toothbrush guarantees high quality work thanks to an efficient brushless motor belonging to the new generation of motors on magnetic suspension. A high degree of performance is ideally combined with durability, so the innovative toothbrush will serve you for a long time. The motor speed is 42,000 vibration movements per minute, and the torque value is 220 gf/cm. An efficient modern motor will work flawlessly for more than 5000 hours.

DuPont signature toothbrush head

Oclean X Pro Sonic dhgate

The Oclean X Pro Electric Toothbrush has a high quality classic head with rounded bristles. Its manufacturer DuPont is world famous for its legendary German quality. No copper was used in the production of the head, which ensures safety and environmental friendliness. The toothbrush will also save the oral cavity from damage due to special technology. The intensity of the brush decreases if it stays in one place for a long time.

Excellent autonomy

Oclean X Pro Sonic dhgate

The Oclean X Pro electric toothbrush is equipped with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery. A fully charged toothbrush can effectively work for 30 days in the usual mode of brushing your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. To charge the brush, just place it in the holder, which is also a docking station and connect to a power source. It only takes 2 hours to fully charge.

Stylish design and waterproof

The Oclean X Pro electric toothbrush has an attractive design. For its creation, the latest materials were used, which are durable and reliable. The toothbrush has an antibacterial coating and is resistant to corrosion. The device is not afraid of water, as the case has IPX7 protection. Therefore, the brush is not afraid of dirt and water. You can easily rinse it under the tap after use.

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Type Toothbrush
Destination Adult
Number of brush modes 4
Purge Modes Gum Care, Gum Massage, Whitening & Polishing, Casual
Purge Technology Audio
Food Battery
Number of nozzles 1
Number of translations 42000 vibrations/min
Charging time 2 hours
Features Smart device, Display
Optional Screen: touch
Screen Diagonal: 0.95″
Motor: magnetic
Charging: USB magnetic charging base
Input: 5V/1A
Shell protection level: IPX7
32 speed levels
Battery capacity: 800mAh
Device life on a single battery charge: 30 days (depending on the cleaning mode and frequency of toothbrush use)
Brush head: DuPont Tynex thread
Bluetooth: 4.0 BLE
Application system requirements: iOS 8.0, Android 4.4 and above
Dimensions 27 x 256mm
Weight 0.1kg
Color Blue
Manufacturer country China
Package Toothbrush x 1
Charging base x 1
USB cable x 1
Instruction x 1
Warranty card
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