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The era of GaN chargers has come and the first is Baseus

Charging all devices is often a headache. Many devices have their own requirements for fast charging. Therefore, if you want to charge all your devices at the same time, you need to prepare several chargers, which is very inconvenient and cumbersome, and also takes up many outlets. To solve this problem, Baseus has launched a 65W GaN multi-port fast charger.

The charger features high power, multiple charging ports, multi-protocol compatibility and a compact body. The device was already liked by many consumers immediately after its launch.

This year, Baseus has released another new 120W GaN multi-port charger. While maintaining the advantages of multi-protocol and multi-interface mode, the maximum output power of a single port has been increased to 100W, which will significantly speed up the charging of even very serious devices.

The case is equipped with two Type-C interfaces and one USB-A interface. When using the C1 + C2 interface at the same time, the output power is 60W + 60W, which can charge two laptops at the same time. It is also possible to use the USB port, whose output power is 30W, which can easily meet the need to charge mobile phones, tablets and other small devices.

Baseus 120W GaN charger is a high-performance portable device with compact dimensions (94.8×54.8×29.6 mm). GaN is easy to carry and weighs only 216g. Matte finish and slightly rounded edges look stylish.

For user convenience, the portable device is equipped with three USB ports with GaN and SiC technology. This allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet 5 times faster than a traditional power adapter. Baseus GaN is rated at 120W, allowing you to charge a laptop rated at 87W at the same time as your phone without loss of efficiency.

Baseus GaN is the perfect choice for active people who talk a lot on the phone and are constantly on the move. The power supply can be used as a gift, it will be appreciated by lovers of modern gadgets.

Additionally, the charger is equipped with built-in protection against voltage overload, overheating, overcharging and short circuit. The built-in smart chip automatically adjusts the output position. Even when connecting multiple devices, the voltage will be maintained at a safe level. This allowed not only to increase the efficiency of Baseus GaN, but also to significantly increase its service life.

The power supply comes with a 1 meter cable and an instruction manual. The case of the device differs in reliability as it is welded by ultrasonic welding. Compared to competitors Apple Magsafe and NetEase PSU, Baseus GaN looks more compact.

Baseus 120W GaN Multiport Charger Benefits:

  • Able to quickly charge a wide range of portable devices
  • The device fits well in the hand, has an ergonomic design
  • The safety of the device is proven by international certificates
  • The case is made of durable ABC plastic, resistant to open fire and mechanical stress
  • Not afraid of sudden voltage drops in the network
  • There is a charge leakage protection function to ensure stable charging of multiple devices
  • The smart chip itself adjusts the input voltage for a specific type of device
  • Can be used on a network with a voltage range of 100 to 240V
  • Supports protocal fast charging for MacBook Pro devices

Charge fast! Take Baseus!

“Charge fast! Take Baseus!” – The super event starts on August 10 at 0:00 AM PDT and will last for three days. Every day there is a 10% discount on limited-edition items, and when buying items over $49, there are great gifts.

The era of GaN chargers has come and the first is Baseus ⋆ 4

Starting July 20, visit the official Baseus store on AliExpress to receive a massive discount coupon for store visits. Baseus is also inviting users to participate in the Baseus Facebook fan event to win an iPhone gift set and a complete series of Baseus GaN chargers.

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