How to update 4Good Light B100?

4Good Light B100 update and firmware

The process of updating the 4Good Light B100 is to install an alternative firmware (ROM) on it after the manufacturer has stopped updating the device over the air. Simply put, if the phone has stopped updating itself, then it’s time to install an alternative firmware on it.

You should also update if you have problems with your device that you could not solve in any other way. If you are not sure that you can download the firmware yourself without any problems, then it is better to use the services of more experienced users so as not to harm the gadget. Or think about replacing the device with a newer one.

You can select the desired firmware and instructions for it using the links from the list in the next paragraph, if you have any difficulties with the choice, write in the comments, we will help.

Firmware for 4Good Light B100:

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