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Review of Itel Vision 2S – Inexpensive, but high-grade!

Hello everyone, today we are reviewing an inexpensive, but very interesting smartphone from Itel Vision 2S.

Currently, its price is 8499 rubles, and you can find the current price here.

Let’s see what he offers us for this money? The main features can be immediately seen on a fairly presentable red box with the image of the smartphone itself.

Itel Vision 2S box


  • 6.5” HD+ display
  • As much as 5000 mAh battery
  • Memory set 2/32 GB
  • Dual Camera
  • Fingerprint and face unlock
  • Android 11 Go
  • Support for 4G LTE networks
  • Eight-core processor

Itel Vision 2S features

Itel Vision 2S package and appearance

And the package contains everything you need to start using it:

Itel Vision 2S equipment

  • The Itel Vision 2S smartphone itself with a protective film already pasted
  • Instruction
  • 5V 1A charger
  • As well as a USB to MicroUSB cable

Despite the budget price, the smartphone is quite large and has dimensions:

  • Height – 166mm
  • Width – 76.3mm
  • Thickness – 8.9mm

Itel Vision 2S smartphone

From the back, the Itel Vision 2S looks almost the same as many of its counterparts. Plastic cover, dual camera unit with flash, scanner and speaker slot below. The only difference is perhaps a nice stripe running through the entire back panel and camera block, which makes it unique.

Itel Vision 2S back cover

There are 3 color options for the back cover:

  • A blue gradient like ours
  • Black
  • And Pink

Itel Vision 2S colors

There is a MicroUSB connector and a microphone on the bottom of the case, and a miniJack for headphones on the top.

Itel Vision 2S in hand

Itel Vision 2S feels pretty good in the hand, although it is noticeably larger than its predecessors from Itel, which I already had on the review. The fingerprint scanner on the back is fast with vibration when unlocked.


Review of Itel Vision 2S - Inexpensive, but high-grade! ⋆ 1

6.52” HD+ or 1600 x 720 IPS display is a reasonable choice for budget smartphones. Visually quite pleasant and colorful screen, there is nothing to complain about here, given the class of the device.

Itel Vision 2S frame

The frames on the sides are very small, only there is a noticeable chin on the bottom. The touch layer also does not raise any complaints, it perceives touches absolutely sane and quite responsive.

Operating system

The smartphone runs a lightweight version of Android 11 Go Edition, which gives it the ability to work very smoothly and quickly.

Itel Vision 2S Android 11 Go

Also, in addition to pure Android, a proprietary ItelOS v7.6 shell is installed here with a set of some features:

  • Social Turbo – Provides WhatsApp call recording, saves missed information and more. And also the Video Beauty option improves the skin in video chats
  • Phone Cloner – Allows you to transfer content from your old phone to your new one
  • Game Mode will help the child not to play too much and turn off the game according to the schedule you set. There are also parental controls and notifications that will remind you when it’s time to stop playing

But besides all these chips, I also like branded applications of the calculator, voice recorder, contacts and more. In general, it looks and feels completely different, unlike most state employees in this segment.

Itel Vision 2S voice recorder


Memory is quite enough for a budget smartphone – 32 GB + it is possible to expand it with a memory card, but 2 GB of RAM, but taking into account Android Go, this should be enough. All the applications I have installed run and work, and quite well. Multitasking is minimal, but present.

Itel Vision 2S memory specifications

The processor used is an eight-core Spreadtrum SC9863A with a frequency of 1.6 GHz, made according to the 28 nm manufacturing process. Video chip – PowerVR GE8322. This setup is already quite enough to play any game, albeit at low graphics settings (not everywhere you have to reduce the quality parameter so much)

Itel Vision 2S games gaming


Itel Vision 2S Camera

The camera here is 8 MP and, surprisingly enough, you can take a picture in the daytime very well, however, see for yourself.

The smartphone writes video in FullHD, if you watch it on your phone, it’s not bad at all.

The front camera has a resolution of 5 MP, but the result is surprisingly good.


By connecting headphones, you can turn on the built-in radio even through the main speaker, and you can also watch a movie or listen to music through the headphones themselves.

Itel Vision 2S sound speaker

The volume of the speaker is not bad, but it is better to leave it for calls, while watching videos and listening to podcasts is better at a medium volume level, so the sound will be much clearer.


It seems that the main bet in Itel Vision 2S was made on autonomy, because the battery here is 5000 mAh. Such a large capacity will allow the smartphone to work all day in a loaded mode or up to 2-3 days in normal use with calls, instant messengers and everything you need.

Itel Vision 2S battery 5000 mAh battery

It’s time to take stock and what can I tell you after using Itel Vision 2S? In fact, I tried to find fault and find a significant jamb or flaw, but I could not do it. In fact, the smartphone fully copes with all the tasks. Yes, for a lot of money you will have a faster processor, more memory or a better camera, but by and large a smartphone will do everything the same. So for 8.5 thousand rubles you get a full-fledged smartphone, and even with a powerful 5000 mAh battery.

Itel Vision 2S firmware update

Especially good Itel Vision 2S will be for children or the elderly, who just need a “workhorse” for sane money.

You can buy Itel Vision 2S in a reliable store with a 1-year warranty here.

What do you think of this smartphone? Write in the comments, I’m also interested in your opinion.

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