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DOOGEE S88 Plus – Cool Inside in a Protected Case [VIDEO]

Hello everyone, today we have a super tenacious smartphone on our review – Doogee S88 Plus.

I would like to start with the fact that DOOGEE S88 Plus is not a simple Chinese with fictitious protection, but a real “strong guy” with a very cool stuffing. Well, today I will demonstrate all this to you and check what he is capable of. The price on Aliexpress for the Doogee S88 Plus fluctuates around $240, but during promotions it can be snatched much cheaper (about $220-230). But let’s talk about everything in order.

Doogee S88 Plus Package Contents

DOOGEE S88 Plus - Cool Inside in a Protected Case [VIDEO] ⋆ 1

The box is quite large and heavy, but inside:

  • The Doogee S88 Plus smartphone itself Doogee S88 Plus smartphone
  • Protective film for screen and camera + one film already pasted on screenDoogee S88 Plus film
  • Leash laceDoogee S88 Plus lace
  • A special plastic stick for opening plugs so as not to break your nailsDoogee S88 Plus Opener
  • PapersDoogee S88 Plus papers
  • 24W fast chargerDoogee S88 Plus charging
  • USB Type-C cableDoogee S88 Plus cable
  • Type-C adapter to 3.5mmDoogee S88 Plus Adapter

Together with the phone, you can also purchase a special slip case for an even more brutal look of the smartphone. At its core, a case is an ordinary piece of plastic, but how cool a smartphone looks with it…


And in general, the smartphone looks very interesting, on all sides there are various protrusions and bumpers to protect against bumps and falls, after all, the military protection standard MIL-STD-810G is declared. The Doogee S88 Plus also has IP68 and IP69K water and dust resistance, so it is not afraid of diving.

Doogee S88 Plus back cover design

There are a lot of controls on the body, additional buttons – 2 pieces and a separate side fingerprint scanner for convenience.

Also on the side there is a combined slot for SIM cards and a microSD memory card.

Doogee S88 Plus SIM card slot

But on the back panel there is a square block with cameras and a flash, and under it, like two eyes, there are two light indicators of events, which, by the way, are adjusted to your taste.

Doogee S88 Plus eyes indicators

Doogee S88 Plus lies well in the hand when you get used to it, but at first it seems like such a melee weapon with a weight of 372 grams and a thickness of almost 19 mm.

Doogee S88 Plus in hand

System and Stuffing

By the way, the system is almost pure Android 10 with minor cosmetic changes. We also added the ability to control gestures, and a variety of them, here you can touch the scanner, and swipe on the screen off and gestures with three fingers, in general, they tried, credit!

To help tourists or builders, a useful set of programs for determining sizes, distances and angles is installed, which sooner or later can be very useful.

Doogee S88 Plus tools compass

Using the phone is a pleasure, the interface flies, programs start up pretty quickly. Certainly not a flagship, but essentially a device without compromise.

The filling of the smartphone is already at a completely different level compared to the budget segment. There is already installed not the newest, but very good eight-core Helio P70 processor with a maximum core frequency of 2.1 GHz and made according to the 12 nm process technology.

Doogee S88 Plus Processor MTK Helio P70

But the memory was poured “For all the money” – 8 GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. This means that the issue of memory can be closed immediately, it will not be enough for sure.

Doogee S88 Plus lots of memory


Of course, you can play any games on it, even demanding ones, thanks to the Mali-G72 MP3 video processor. Racing and simulators, MOBA games, and indeed any games here will not slow down, although the most beautiful and difficult games may require slightly lower graphics, but there are very few of them (see the video review).


And you will want to play here, because on such a 6.3” screen with a resolution of FullHD + 2160×1080 pixels with an IPS matrix, any picture will look great.

Doogee S88 Plus screen display brightness

I did not find any data on brightness, but from experience I can say that it will clearly be enough even in bright sunlight.


Well, traditionally powerful speakers in rugged smartphones also do not interfere, the quality should be heard … Really loud, but not the cleanest.

Doogee S88 Plus music sound speakers


The Doogee S88 Plus owes its thickness to a huge 10,000 mAh battery. Somewhere, but here it feels like they didn’t save on the battery.

Doogee S88 Plus thickness

If you already have a smartphone, then you yourself understand that this is 2-2.5 times more than other modern smartphones. Accordingly, the phone will live much longer on a single charge. In the mode of playing video on Youtube 1080p at medium brightness, the charge lasts for about 15-16 hours.

Doogee S88 Plus battery battery youtube

It turned out to be very nice that the smartphone supports 10W wireless charging and can even charge other phones with 5W power.


Finally, a normal 48 MP camera with a matrix from Samsung was installed in a secure phone. Of course, these are not cool sensors, as in the same Xiaomi, but the photos are clear and saturated, in most cases this will be more than enough.

Doogee S88 Plus Camera

Here are some sample shots.


An 8MP wide-angle lens can also be very useful, and an 8MP portrait sensor will help you take a beautiful photo with a blurred background.

The front camera has received a resolution of 16 MP and can take very decent selfies.


Going through all the main points of a modern smartphone, you can see that it is intended for those who want everything in one. It was as if the engineers were sitting and thinking about how to fit almost everything that is possible into one phone. And “hardware”, and a camera, and a wild battery, oh yes, cooler protection, from everything and at once, and don’t forget to scatter buttons and flashlights in a circle – that’s what the Doogee S88 Plus turned out to be.

Of course, it was possible to put an even more powerful processor or a cooler camera, but the price would have become even higher and for many it would have been just another overpriced smartphone. And so they tried to sit on two chairs: they loaded the smartphone to the eyeballs with “buns” and left the price adequate.

In fact, among rugged smartphones there are not so many such balanced solutions for demanding users with a price tag of up to $250.
Well, if you are not confused by the dimensions, then this is an excellent smartphone and I can recommend it to you for purchase.

Buy Doogee S88 Plus in the official store on Aliexpress.

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