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Review of INOI 7 2020

Recently, INOI 7 2020 came to our review, which became the successor of the budget line INOI 7. What can it offer us? Price of almost $77 or 4990 rubles, large screen, stylish design, but first things first.

INOI 7 2020 equipment and appearance

The INOI 7 2020 box surprised me a bit. White with the image of a smartphone and without unnecessary inscriptions, and also elongated and not high, but this only catches the eye compared to other manufacturers.

INOI 7 2020 box

The equipment is minimalistic. Even a simple silicone case or screen film would brighten up the situation significantly.

Included is a small purple 5V 1A power supply and a MicroUSB cable. Well, classic waste paper, in the form of instructions, guarantees, stickers and a gift in the form of two English lessons!

There are 2 color options for sale:

  • Blue
  • Black

INOI 7 2020 colors and price

It is immediately clear that the smartphone is not compact, but nevertheless it fits comfortably in the hand, the thickness is quite small. The buttons are perfectly pressed without intercepting the phone in your hand, and this is very important, with such dimensions.

INOI 7 2020 in hand

The back cover is made of matte plastic, very pleasant to the touch, as if with some kind of coating. At the same time, it is quite difficult to saturate it. It is removed to install SIM cards and batteries.

INOI 7 2020 build

On the right side are the volume and power buttons. They are installed without play, nothing dangles. However, the entire assembly of the smartphone is quite high quality.


There are no inscriptions on the front panel and it is completely black when the screen is off. Unless, except for the “Droplets” of the front camera. The display itself is 6.22” and HD+ or 1520 by 720 pixels with rounded corners.

INOI 7 2020 screen

The maximum brightness is not high, it is difficult to see in the sun if you do not look closely. The minimum is not bad, but I have seen lower.

outdoor screen

Colors look rich, with relatively small frames, movies and videos are very pleasant to watch. But here the color temperature is clearly littered with a warm shade, white is not quite white, but rather beige. It certainly does not strain the eyes, but it takes time to get used to. At angles, the screen looks good, with virtually no distortion.


The main speaker is located on the bottom edge and may well be covered by the hand while playing games or watching videos. The speaker volume is sufficient. The sound is good, but not deep.

INOI 7 2020 sound music

The sound is not bad through headphones, of course, there is no question of any DAC, but it is quite possible to listen to audiobooks or videos. INOI 7 2020 supports Hi-Res codec for listening to high-quality music through wireless headphones.

Characteristics and stuffing

Speaking of performance, it was not surprising, because you expect little from a budget smartphone. Unisoc SC9832E processor with 4 ARM Cortex-A53 cores. Processor frequency 1.4 GHz. When working with the interface and regular applications, everything works slowly, but it works. There are no special brakes, just the interface response speed is different from more expensive smartphones.

INOI 7 2020 Features

The amount of RAM is 2 GB, and the main one is 16 GB, but if you can deliver a memory card up to 128 GB, it’s very good.

The graphic controller Mali-T820 MP1 GPU with a frequency of 680 MHz shows a fairly high result. You can evaluate gaming performance by watching our video review at the top of the page. We tested INOI 7 2020 in PUBG and Mobile Legends.

INOI 7 2020 performance game gameplay Mobile Legends PUBG

INOI 7 Camera 2020

The module with cameras is elongated, not yet a trendy square, but just an elongated block with 2 cameras, one of which is almost useless.

INOI 7 2020 Camera & Photo

So, the main module is 8 MP with aperture ƒ/ 3.0. It is difficult to expect a good result from such a matrix, but it is quite possible to photograph small text for later viewing or take other memorable pictures. I have made some examples so you can see the 2020 INOI 7 camera with your own eyes.

Photo + HDR

The 5 MP front camera is quite suitable for video calls or as a simple mirror.

Communications and networks

It was also interesting to see how networks and interfaces work. Of course, INOI 7 2020 does not support 5 GHz Wi-Fi AC networks, but the standard 2.4 GHz band catches confidently.

Bluetooth works, although no version is specified, but NFC does not. The GPS is present and works fine, but the cold start leaves a lot to be desired. Satellites are picked up with a delay and the accuracy is at the highest.


One of the weaknesses of budget smartphones is the battery, in INOI 7 2020 its capacity was 2900 mAh. Not the lowest indicator, but it would be possible to put 3500-4000 mAh, then the smartphone could live up to 2 days, and you should not count on more than one day of work.

INOI 7 2020 Phone


Pure Android 9 is installed as the OS. A clear and simple interface will satisfy almost any user, but it is worth adding that many applications are installed immediately, which may not be useful to everyone. A whole bunch of Yandex apps, some not-so-useful Google apps, and a couple of games, but they can be easily removed.

INOI 7 2020 phone screen

Multitasking is possible if you do not run more than 2 heavy applications such as a browser or a game, and even smaller applications such as a phone and SMS.


Summing up, INOI 7 2020 is a clear progress in ultra-budget Android smartphones. Yes, we still do not see a powerful filling or a smart camera, but we get a large screen with thin frames, an uncut OS and a good set of interfaces. For the money, the phone is quite suitable for an undemanding user.

You can purchase INOI 7 2020 on the official INOI website.

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