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UMIDIGI F2 review – Cool, but expensive!

Today we have a long-awaited novelty UMIDIGI F2 on review. Long-awaited in the literal sense, because three and a half months have passed since the official announcement at the end of September, and by the standards of the smartphone world, this is a huge time. And if at the time of the announcement its characteristics and price were very tempting, today they have become more standard.

UMIDIGI F2 boasts:

  • Large 6.53 inch IPS screen with corner cutout
  • 10 Android on board
  • 48 and 32 MP cameras
  • Helio P70 processor and 6/128 GB memory kit
  • As well as a capacious 5150 mAh battery

A very tasty set for a price of $180, but today the official price for UMIDIGI F2 is $220, which is a $40 difference, the aging smartphone has not risen so sourly. Honestly, it’s even hard to imagine what’s going on in UMIDIGI at the moment.

UMIDIGI F2 overview and package contents

Okay, let’s talk about the smartphone itself. He came to us in a classic black box with a radial pattern and a red UMIDIGI inscription in the center, the smartphone was immediately dressed in a complete silicone case.

Obzor-UMIDIGI F2 - silicone case

And besides him, the kit also includes:

  • Envelope with documentation and a clip for the SIM card tray
  • Charger
  • USB Type-C cable

UMIDIGI F2 Overview - Package

Removing the case, you can appreciate the really beautiful back cover in blue with a gradient. And although such a composition is no longer new, it still looks new.

Overview UMIDIGI F2 - back panel appearance gradient

Yes, in this UMIDIGI, as before, keeps the brand of style and rich equipment, and UMIDIGI F2 is a logical continuation.

The dimensions are rather big – 162.5x78x8.7 mm. For a strong male hand, that’s it, but for girls it can be a little uncomfortable, especially considering the weight of 215 g.

UMIDIGI F2 review - in hand

Also adding a bit of convenience is a side-mounted fingerprint scanner built into the power and lock button.


I can’t say anything special about the screen, like many other “classmates” it has a huge size of 6.53” and FullHD resolution, while the frames around the display are already really small, except that the chin still distinguishes it from flagship solutions. And a small cutout for the front camera in the upper left corner, although it looks strange, takes up less usable display area.

UMIDIGI F2 overview - screen still

I have no complaints about the maximum brightness of the screen, but there is a question about the minimum brightness. It is well above the comfortable level for night viewing, and resorting to a third-party application to dim the screen is certainly possible, but this is an extra worry that I would like to avoid.


The sound of the UMIDIGI F2’s main speaker is not very loud or highly detailed, just a regular speaker that is fine for listening to podcasts or watching videos.

UMIDIGI F2 Review - Sound


There is support for all the necessary 4G LTE bands, WiFi AC and Bluetooth 4.2, and of course NFC, where without it. A great plus would be the presence of a full-fledged tray for 2 SIM cards and a memory card at the same time.

GPS works just fine, it finds satellites very quickly and a lot, so the accuracy of determining the coordinates is at a very high level in any conditions, unexpectedly.


Do not forget about the cameras, there are as many as 5 of them. Four at the back, the main module of 3 cameras at 48 MP, a width of 13 MP and a 5 MP sensor for blurring the background, as well as an additional macro module also at 5 MP, which turned out to be not at all useless.

But let’s go in order.

The 48 MP main eye is the already well-known improved 12 MP Samsung GM1 1/2” sensor, super pixel, F/1.79 aperture and 6 lens – it takes very clear and beautiful photos in the daytime and with good artificial lighting, and in 12 MP mode, due to the software, it can also pull out a good evening shot, but, unfortunately, you can’t put a Google camera with an advanced HDR + mode on UMIDIGI F2.

A wide-angle lens is great for taking photos of beautiful buildings and large objects, as well as for photos in enclosed spaces. 13 MP is already much better than the outdated 8 MP modules.

Bokeh mode works with a bit of a stretch, you need to choose the amount of blur and still not lose focus, but if you get used to it, you can get this result.

UMIDIGI F2 review - Cool, but expensive! ⋆ 6

At first I was afraid that the video was being shot with terrible lags, but after installing another video player, everything was fine. See an example video in our video review.

The front camera has a fairly large resolution of 32 MP, sensor S5KGD1 with an aperture of F / 2.0. It produces very good selfies, similar in quality to the main cameras of cheap smartphones.

umidigi f2 front camera photo

Photo + HDR

Operating system and stuffing

As I said, UMIDIGI F2 is equipped with a powerful Helio P70 octa-core processor with a maximum frequency of 2.1 GHz, made according to the 12 nm manufacturing process, so the interface works smoothly and is very responsive, which greatly adds to the comfort of working with the device.

Obzor-UMIDIGI F2 - antutu

And the presence of a large amount of memory only completes the picture – 6 GB of LPDDR4X RAM with a frequency of 1800 MHz and 128 GB of internal UFS 2.1 storage, of which just over 113 GB are available.

Mali G72 MP3 is responsible for gaming performance, which is able to provide sane graphics in games without noticeable brakes. You can personally evaluate the gaming performance of UMIDIGI F2 in our video review with a demonstration of the gameplay.

Right out of the box, almost pure Android 10 is installed, which of course is cool and brought with it a system-wide dark theme. But at the same time, it also brought a number of bugs, which immediately began to spoil the first impression of the smartphone.

  1. The very first and most significant bug is the inability to add a fingerprint, after 3-5 times it is automatically canceled and asks to add again. This problem also appeared for some other users, according to the 4pda forum, but not for all.
  2. The second bug happened to me when, at 11% of the charge, it turned off abruptly due to the battery being discharged, and only after a few minutes of charging it was able to turn on again, but I didn’t manage to catch this moment again.
  3. The third strange thing I noticed is with the minimum volume, it cannot be turned to zero while playing games, listening to music or Youtube videos.

Very strange. And this is only at first glance.

Strong relief came after I installed 2 updates in a row, which came through the air. All the main jambs disappeared and the chagrin came to naught, but the sediment remained small.

UMIDIGI F2 autonomy

The UMIDIGI F2 battery does its job very well, after all, 5150 mAh, a very impressive volume, which of course affected the weight of the device.

Obzor-UMIDIGI F2 - youtube

Measurements showed consumption of about 6% per hour of playing FullHD video on Youtube at medium brightness and volume. In games, it takes a little more per hour – 8%. An excellent indicator, the smartphone is suitable for those who like to stick to the phone all day.

The bundled charger supports fast charging up to 12V and 1.5A, which will significantly reduce the charging time for such a large battery.


Having briefly examined all the main components of the smartphone, we can draw some conclusions:

  1. Pre-ordering is risky
  2. Even after such a period, the firmware came out a little raw
  3. The smartphone turned out to be very attractive externally and internally
  4. Inflated price currently does not encourage buying


I think if the price drops to $150, then UMIDIGI F2 will definitely deserve the attention of buyers.

And you can follow the price of F2 in UMIDIGI Official Store on Aliexpress .

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